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Technical and service questions!



Hi WHCMS community. Have a few questions before purcheasing "Monthly No Branding" package.



Currently my site runs on phpBB3 latest release, I coded a c++ streaming client which my customers downloads: they log in with email/password and those informations plus an hw generated code and request code are sent on server for processing and authentication (hw generated code is needed to lock streamer to machine)


Server is checking in database if email/password/hwcode matches for authenthication (hwcode is written in a blank table entry) and request code is used to check if the selected customer has the requested product purcheased and activated when the request is made.


Basically im using two database tables: my_clients and my_orders.


Once a client logins I use email/pass/hwcode to find the selected client in my_clients table and save client_id for the current session. Then request code is processed: I loop my_orders table checking for "active" labeled orders containing selected client_id: if a match is found and matches the requested product id, then streaming will begin.


Basically what makes my mini-system works is:

  • clients table with each client its unique id
  • orders table with "product code" "status" "owner client_id" entries



Is my setup easily portable in a WHCMS environment?

Is WHCMS database structure compatile with my explained needs? For example "status" entry have to switch to expired when product runs out


Im setting up every client maually and I'd really like to use WHCMS. Hope I explained everything well to let you understand my needs.



Thanks, Stevebc

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Well as I always say to newbies with WHMCS you could even launch the space shuttle on the moon if only NASA allows us to interface with it :-P Said that the short answer is absolutely yes. The long one is that you have to develop an addon module and probably a server module too since I suppose that you are selling this kind of service and/or you need to automate it. Since you are new here with this system, it's difficult because you still don't know how this framework works. Probably it's better if you contact a WHMCS developer to get this job done in a short time.

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Yes it's compatible.


tblclients is where you have username, email and password (hashed).

tblhosting is where you have the status of every single product.


okay I purchased whmcs and ported my scripts to read from tblclients and tblhosting.


I have another question: Im checking products in tblhosting for "domainstatus" entry to be set on "Active". Is this enough to ensure that client has paid for it?



otherwise i could grab orderid then in tblorders the invoiceid and check for "Paid" status. I'd like to avoid this to avoid running more queries on DB, maybe is sufficent checking tblhosting for "domainstatus" set to "Active"....



Thank you :)

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