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caught in a loop


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I am using offline processing- ( we run batches manually at end of each day) when client goes to checkout they are asked to submit billing info and credit card info> they do this and then hit > continue

this takes them to an unpaid invoice that has option to pay via credit card from drop down box- but they have already given credit card info so when they try again it just keeps going in a loop asking them again and again to pay by credit card.

We want - that after entering cc info and hitting continue- they get screen that says thank you for order


how do I get that configuration??

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maybe I should clarify- we want to capture card data and then process order- want to skip the unpaid invoice screen that will have clients trying over and over again to pay by credit card they will pay and then the unpaid invoice screen comes up again- so they will try again and it takes them back to unpaid invoice screen - how do we get by this? this seems so simple

we want client to make a simple offline purchase and get confirmation that purchase has gone thru with out unpaid invoice popping up

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yes but it still either takes me to completed order with warning in red that I haven't paid for the order ( cause offline processing is my gateway method) ) OR it redirects me to the invoice, and again asking for payment.


You would think that offline would allow: 1- client to place order and give credit card info that is stored for processing later) and 2- confirmation of order...... nothing more --------- client will not realize that his card is not processed immediately- but rather later in day when we call him to discuss the design package that he has chosen and 90% chance upgrade him- then we process the card for the upgraded price

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