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  1. TekStorm Inc - James

    Exchange Currencies Isue

    If your default currency is MYR and USD is a secondary, you wouldn't be able to use the auto-update functionality native to WHMCS. You've indicated that you've set your prices in USD, while your default currency is MYR. When WHMCS auto-updates prices based upon the exchange rates, it updates all currencies based off of your default currency; the default currency isn't changed by the auto-updater. However, if I've misunderstood your message and USD is your default currency with MYR being a secondary currency, you can automatically update the exchange rates and/or automatically update the prices.
  2. TekStorm Inc - James

    caught in a loop

    Have you taken a look at the Auto Redirect on Checkout configurable?
  3. TekStorm Inc - James

    Billing cycle selector not updating floating Order Summary window

    Yes, the changes were made in the configureproduct.tpl file. What order form(s) are you using and did you clear your cache(s) after making the changes?
  4. TekStorm Inc - James

    installed the dev version findings

    NO_ZERO_DATE The NO_ZERO_DATE mode affects whether the server permits '0000-00-00' as a valid date. Its effect also depends on whether strict SQL mode is enabled. NO_ZERO_IN_DATE The NO_ZERO_IN_DATE mode affects whether the server permits dates in which the year part is nonzero but the month or day part is 0. (This mode affects dates such as '2010-00-01' or '2010-01-00', but not '0000-00-00'. To control whether the server permits '0000-00-00', use the NO_ZERO_DATE mode.) The effect of NO_ZERO_IN_DATE also depends on whether strict SQL mode is enabled.
  5. TekStorm Inc - James

    Is the AfterShoppingCartCheckout hook still supported?

    Offhand, if I recall correctly, AfterShoppingCartCheckout is a legacy WHMCS v4.x.x hook point.
  6. TekStorm Inc - James

    StripeXS™ for WHMCS

    !! ORDER NOW !! TekStorm Inc., an ISO and strategic partner of Pivotal Payments Direct Corp. and of Pivotal Payments Inc., is your single-source provider for complete and affordable merchant services. North American (Canada and US) business owners can begin accepting payments quickly and easily with a Pivotal Payments merchant account; no matter your business type. International business owners, outside of North America, can begin accepting eCommerce and/or MO/TO payments quickly and easily with a Stripe account. Opening a merchant account is simple and priced right. Businesses can switch to lower fees and superior merchant services. Affordable credit card processing is here. Easily accept American Express, Diner's Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa, and more at lower rates. We offer cost-effective credit card processing solutions that fit your budget. We understand that merchants are constantly challenged to minimize their operating costs and we have developed our payment processing solutions to provide the most comprehensive and reliable services at the most competitive rates. A reliable merchant account solution is here. No matter your business type, we offer merchant solutions at the best rates to help you sell more. Accept payments via your Web site with our eCommerce solutions. Pivotal Payments merchant account deposits are processed within 1-3 business days; depending upon the financial institution that you process with. Stripe deposits are made on a 2-7 day rolling basis. Get superior technology point-of-sale (PoS) terminals. Buy or lease-to-own countertop PoS terminals or discover freedom with wireless PoS terminals. Chip card ready, PCI-PED compliant, lightweight, and powerful! StripeXS™ makes it easy to start accepting payments. Begin accepting payments online, or by mail and telephone, quickly and easily with our online merchant solutions. Pivotal Payments merchant accounts are generally approved within 2 business days. Stripe accounts can be activated within minutes. StripeXS™ licenses will default to Pivotal Payments for North American orders and to Stripe for all others. Should your merchant account application be declined and/or if you are otherwise ineligible for such a merchant account, we will manually configure your license to allow the use of Stripe. StripeXS™, Pivotal Payments, and Stripe power commerce for sites across the Web. Our users include large companies, rapidly growing start-ups, side projects, and everything in between. Start accepting eCommerce and/or MO/TO payments almost instantly! !! ORDER NOW !! GlobalOne / Pivotal Payments What is Cost+ Pricing? Cost+ pricing (also known as interchange+ pricing) is a billing method used by TekStorm Inc. to give you further transparency and savings. When you process a transaction, we pass the interchange cost directly on to you. Why is Cost+ Better? Savings and transparency! Most processors use "interchange differential" pricing, where you are charged a base "qualified" rate and then charged a "non-qualified" fee and an "interchange differential fee" on top. This allows them to double-dip you on processing fees by charging multiple times for the same transaction. By passing the cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup, Cost+ pricing gives you significant savings while creating a very transparent arrangement with your processor (you know our cost and margin!) Automatic Account Updater Automated service ensures uninterrupted payments; improving business efficiency and preserving revenue streams! Auto Account Updater keeps credit card information current to prevent declines due to account number changes or expired cards. For businesses who offer subscription services and recurring billing plans, Auto Account Updater optimizes revenues by reducing authorization declines that result in lost sales, minimizes customer friction, and improves overall business efficiency. The recurring revenue marketplace represents over $600 billion dollars in global annual sales across all industries and business types. Subscription revenues are critical to these businesses and preventing any disruption to the payments cycle is paramount to improving revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Auto Account Updater corrects card information prior to the next billing cycle through a process that is completely transparent to both merchants and cardholders. GlobalOne clients can maintain the most current card-holder database to ensure payment continuity. "A major pain-point for merchants using recurring billing is the need to keep card-holder information up to date," said Philip Fayer, president and CEO of Pivotal Payments. "Our Auto Account Updater virtually eliminates overhead costs related to keeping card information current. When used in conjunction with GlobalOne's suite of services, the efficiencies, ease of implementation, and cost savings with our Account Updater are significant." Some key competitive advantages gained with GlobalOne's Auto Account Updater include: A reduction in declined transactions, which increases top line revenue and preserves income flow. Can be used with GlobalOne's tokenization solution or integrated directly into merchants' payment systems. Improved operational efficiency; less time spent dealing with card decline issues. Reduced opportunities for consumers to cancel the service whenever account information changes. Seamless updates are performed daily and no customer contact is necessary; expiration dates and card numbers are automatically corrected. Price Match If you are a North American business and have an existing merchant agreement and/or get a quote, in writing, from another MSP that is lower than what TekStorm Inc. has quoted, you may be eligible for a price match or even lower price! Once your order has been provisioned, an auto-generated ticket will be opened for you with our standard merchant agreement attached. Should you happen to have an existing merchant agreement and/or quote that may be eligible for a price match, simply respond to the ticket with a scanned copy of your entire agreement and/or quote. We will get back to you ASAP with a custom agreement. Stripe No card storage fees, no commitments, no hidden costs, no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no validation fees. There's also no charge for failed payments. You only get charged when you earn money. !! ORDER NOW !! Pivotal Payments is Canada's largest independent payment processor. The mission of TekStorm Inc. and Pivotal Payments is to provide valued processing solutions which make a positive material impact to the businesses of their merchants and partners around the globe.
  7. TekStorm Inc - James

    Get number of clients

    The WHMCS API is somewhat extensible.
  8. TekStorm Inc - James


    I believe that they're referring to the missing input fields (i.e. Setup Fee, Price) for the pricing.
  9. TekStorm Inc - James

    Manual payment confirmation?

    Also, from within a client's account, under the "Emails" tab, you can click the "Resend Email" icon for any given e-mail.
  10. TekStorm Inc - James

    Secure attribute on WHMCS cookies

    Specifically, I'd assume he's referencing cookie_secure?
  11. TekStorm Inc - James

    Billing cycle selector not updating floating Order Summary window

    Noticed this as well; with the modern template. Appending ";recalctotals();" to the billing cycle inputs' onclick resolved it though. Effectively, changing: onclick="updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value)" To: onclick="updateConfigurableOptions({$i}, this.value);recalctotals();"
  12. TekStorm Inc - James

    OTA Google Auth stopped working

    We've not noticed any issues with 2FA. You may want to verify that the date/time of your server isn't too far off that of your authenticator.
  13. TekStorm Inc - James

    Role ID 2

    Default, more than likely Sales. If you want to know the name of your currently assigned role group (i.e. ID 2), when logged-in to the WHMCS admin area, click the My Account hyperlink in the upper-left. There, you'll see the Administrator Role.
  14. TekStorm Inc - James

    Role ID 2

    As per Administrators and Permissions: If you didn't change your role group, then somebody else has done it for you. WHMCS itself doesn't just change role groups.
  15. TekStorm Inc - James

    dologin.php broken

    Assuming that the myaccount folder is the WHMCS root, have you uploaded the fix for 5077 recently? If so, you may have uploaded dologin.php to the WHMCS root instead of to its admin/ folder.

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