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Why are some things in WHMCS just not standard?


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I have wondered many times over the years why some things that are ubiquitous in all other sites and software tend to be left off in WHMCS?

Why can a user sign up without verifying their email, I cant even post a comment on this forum without verifying my email....

Then things like banning clients or certain fields ie: email, phone number etc...

Many times I am browsing through the add on section shaking me head and wondering why someone had to create an add on for such an obvious needed feature.

It is time that WHMCS realizes that it has found their niche and it is the web hosting industry... you are not just an accounting/billing system anymore!

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IMO some of it has to do with the fact that WHMCS is not a stand alone company anymore, since they are now owned or partnered with cPanel there may be times when it takes longer to get things done due to the process of decision making still being worked out. Sometimes it takes times to work out the kinks of business.


I also think it has to do with the fact that WHMCS wants to give opportunies to programmers who want to build modules. I certainly do agree that some things that should be included right out of the box are just not there, many of them have been talked about on this forum and in feature requests till people just give up. And then there are times out of the blue WHMCS will surprise us all and come out with some really neat stuff.


I think they (i hope) realize that even though they are successful they cant just sit back and have a party every day. They need to continue to push themselves and i think they might be better at that but then again my hosting business is so slow right now i hardly use most of the features anyway so i really could not tell you if most features worked or not as i dont use them. I do know sometimes they have some wacky coding techniques sometimes but i guess you get that when you have so many different programmers with different coding styles.


They are certainly not just a billing software you are quite correct, they have become a standard issue need for most hosting resellers and hosts. But i do agree stuff like the password match that i built myself for my registration area, why is that not standard as it is on most other scripts. Its little subtle things like that which make clients irratable. They dont like filling out a long reg forms anyway but then they hit submit and it says pw do not match and they turn red. Thats why i did my own so that they can see if they match or not before they press submit.


just my take :)

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