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WHMCS Fixer and Idea for Addon?

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Hello WHMCS Community,



I am looking for a Staff Member or a User of WHMCS Community too help me Fix some Issues with my WHMCS, i am facing and clear up, Duplicate Files and Stuff in my Webhosting/ Cpanel. If you can help ill greatly appreciate it, please contact me via PM or post on this thread, more discussion's we can have regarding this ?






ADDON: Promo Code - Can you ?


Hello all, with the PROMO CODE at WHMCS is it possible to add 2 or more at the Checkout, can you make it so instead of just doing 1 promo code, can you make it do however many you want to Enter, because on my site with my plans it comes with Free Weekly backups and Free Dedicated IP. Now if customers want these things they need to enter 2 PROMO Codes at checkout, but you can only enter 1 Promo code, please help me Guys also pretty much what i am asking is - How do i Enable Multiple Promotions on one Order, i hope everyone can understand and give me a solution, i hope someone can enable or make this for WHMCS, i will greatly appreciate your help as i need this option ASAP, WHMCS Staff also told me a Developer can easily make this, as it would be easy to make. So may, anyone please assist ?

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Hello do you found a solution to your request?



I would nead such an addon, too.


I would like to give a discount on product a of 20 % and a discount on product b of 10 %.


If there will be another solution, which is allready existing or easier to make, instead of using two promo codes, I could use that instead.


does anyone know such an addon?



regards FKU

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Interesting post. That's exactly what I need.


I am looking for a possibility, to enter three (or even more) promo-codes in the cart/check-out. To tell the customers that they have to make multiple orders, does not work at all. That way I will loose customer! I need a solution urgently to use the product for my purposes. Can anyone help with existing addon or customization?


Thank you for your feedback and help!

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