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Enom Pro Installation


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I came across the eNom Pro add-on for WHMCS recently and installed it based on the following instructions provided by the developer:


Backup your files & DB

Unzip this package to your local machine

Upload the addon directory to the /whmcs/modules/addons/ directory

--You should be uploading the "enom_pro" directory to the

-- same directory on the server

-- For example, the server should have a /whmcs/modules/addons/enom_pro/

-- Folder, and inside that folder, there should be an enom_pro.php file


Upload enom_srv.php to the /whmcs/ directory

Copy the templates to your active WHMCS template.

If you have customized your templates, see the

eNom PRO Admin page for instructions

Go to the admin -> addons panel & activate


I was then able to activate the Enom Pro add-on and access the configuration page through the add ons > Enom Pro menus.


When I go to the configuration page I'm greeted with more install instructions which are much more vague than the instructions given above in a read me text file. It is asking me to do the following:


Client Area Transfers


You need to install the sample code included inside of enom_pro/templates/ into your active WHMCS template.


SRV Record Editor


Copy the enom_srv.php file to the /whmcs directory and add the enom_srv.tpl to your active template.


Then, link to it inside of clientareadomaindetails.tpl with:


{if $enom_srv }

<li><a href="enom_srv.php?id={$domainid}" id="enom_srv">SRV Records</a></li>




Here's why i'm confused:


There are 4 .tpl files inside enom_pro/templates/ . In which one of the 4 .tpl files is there a sample code? Do they all have sample codes? (plural).


Secondly, what does it mean by add "enom_srv.tpl to your active template"? It's too vague.



Any tips would be appreciated as I will sure do something wrong if I rely on the instructions quoted.





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We have the eNom Pro addon installed and it works very very well. It did however take a bit of fiddling to get it up and running.


I would suggest creating a support ticket with the vendor, the guy is really helpful. Also I think for a few dollars he will install/configure it for you....much quicker!

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