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adding privacy protection to a bundle


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Has anyone successfully added id protection to a bundle. I want it to be as few clicks as possible but i want to add the id protection and not have them need to click to add it. It should already be clicked just like the other add ons.


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nevermind got it, boy thats a kind of a funky way to do this. What you do is you edit your bundle and click on add other product, then choose domain instead of product using the radio inputs. Dont worry about checking any tlds or anything because you already did that i assume like i did in the main package. So just go to the bottom and ONLY check id protection.


Then you will have two items in your bundle. One for hosting, and tlds and addons. And one just for id protection.


Thats kind of wierd, i wonder why id protection is not on the first one and why you have to add a second one to see the option...


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UPDATE hold on a sec, something is goofy here now... be right back

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Update: Well I almost had it right... Here is an update of how to do it..


You have to seperate the hosting from the domain. So in your bundle on the first product, of course choose product from the radio inputs, do the hosting only and any addons (other than id protection, leave that unchecked). Dont select anything for domains just leave the defaults as unchecked or no restriction.


Then add the second item to your bundle and choose domain this time from the radio inputs, then select your tlds, and any restriction and any price override. Then select id protection.


Now your client should be able to run right thru the options after they enter their domain name they want and get to the cart final page easy, and the totals are correct.


There are two things that need to be improved here. So watch for them...


First the tld restriction should not allow the visitor to select any other tld but what is in the bunder from the order page. The order page lists all the domains regardless of any restriction, and you wont know until you try to process the order that the tld does not qualify for the bundle. So the options list need to be modified to not show any tld that is not included in a bundle.


Second, the order process as you click thru it sort of takes a step backwards at one point.

To explain,

you enter the domain name, then the tld you want...

then click check availability

(now remember that we are telling clients that they need to just click thru the defaults and the credits will show on the final order)

so they see the price of the domain and its available.

they click continue

then it shows that the billing cycle is annual and the addons are checked..

at this point we are ok... here is where it goes backwards...


when they click add to cart and checkout instead of going to the cart with privacy already added, it goes back to the check availability page and has them click the continue button again where it shows domain prices.


now you can see id protection is checked and now you can click update cart and your good to go.


Seems alittle backwards there, i dont see why they would have to go all the way back to the domain prices and the availablity page just to process the id protection which is already added via the bundle. It should just to go the final order page with id protection added.

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