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Bank transfer


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I created my own setup with application and promisary note and all that for many alternative payment options but i found this today and thought i would give it a shot.


In the docs here http://docs.whmcs.com/Bank_Transfer


it says:


Using Mail In Payment as a gateway will give you a text area to enter payment details for the client that will be displayed on the printable invoice.


Now i know this may seem obvious to some because logically the client would need to know where to send the money so i assume this is our bank information in that text box and not theirs. Also because when you do an order the client has no option to type anything in the box. But its always better to ask if unclear.


Is that right, our info goes in that textarea?

If yes, then basically that means our bank info will be available to the public should the client decide to leave it laying around, loses it, tosses it in the trash, or otherwise discard it without proper destruction?

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I was sitting here thinking there has to be a safer way to do this rather than give out your bank info. Then i thought "well our registrars and whmcs have encrypted codes to connect without giving our the password so why not a bank" and i was right.


Its not quite the same as what our registrars use, i guess that depends on your bank. But with with mine it connects to the email and phone number so you dont have to give out your information. Here is what i found for wells fargo, check out your own bank system.


from this link https://www.wellsfargo.com/help/faqs/transfers/




How do I receive money from another person?



When you register for our Wells Fargo SurePay service we establish a connection between your Wells Fargo checking or savings account and your email address or mobile number. Customers of Wells Fargo and Bank of America can use this simple information - rather than your account number - to send you money. You will receive a notification when someone sends you money.


To receive the funds, this email address or mobile number must be registered:

1.Sign on to Wells Fargo Online with your username and password.

2.Select the Transfers tab, then WF SurePay. Follow the steps to enroll and get started.

3.Select Receive Money and register the email address or mobile number that was used by the sender to send money.


To receive money using a mobile device:

1.Sign on to wf.com or our Mobile Banking app with your Wells Fargo Online username and password.

2.From the Mobile Banking Menu select WF SurePay

3.Select Receive Money and register the email address or mobile number that was used by the sender to send money.


You only need to register this information once. We recommend that you register up to three email addresses and two mobile numbers to ensure timely receipt of your funds.


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I signed up for WF SurePay (which also covers bank of america also as described in WF docs) and registered my email address.


and i replaced the bank transfer original text in the payment gateway ACP


Bank Name:

Payee Name:

Sort Code:

Account Number:


with this in stead (keep the spaces it looks better on the invoice)



Bank Transfer: How to Pay


No services will begin until payment

is recieved and finalized.


Bank Transfers Accepted from:

Wells Fargo and Bank of America Accounts Only


Please log into your WF or BofA account and sign up

for SurePay.


Then send funds to (your email address that you registered) and



Important: the last word is "and" the reason is because the system puts "Reference Number: ##" under that so it will appear to read:


"Then send funds to (your email address) and Reference Number: ##



here is an image of the WF send money page..




and here is what the invoice looks like.




hope that helps

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Joe at serverping.net has a free Dwolla module that would be easier and would be usable with any us-based bank account. Plus it will automatically mark the invoice paid without manual intervention.


There needs to be a good recurring ACH option for payment, but until then I've been using Joe's Dwolla module successfully.

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