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WHMCS suddenly won't load with SSL


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I am using WHMCS with a MDC SSL (Multi-Domain Certificate). Since 30 minutes, I cannot load my portal with SSL as it turns up as 'Webpage is not available'. My friends have confirmed this, so it's not on my side that it won't load.


ALTHOUGH, I once set up a directory which doesn't use SSL and is within WHMCS. I went on loading it without SSL, and it worked perfectly. I couldn't understand what is wrong. Since the day I enabled SSL on my portal, everything was fine until now. I have not changed any settings pertaining SSL settings in Admin panel.


I have only installed WHMCS (not Wordpress, Joomla etc) and cPanel linked with it. cPanel is working normally as it should with SSL, so I don't understand why this is happening. Because of this, I cannot access the admin panel too. Whenever I either try to load the client panel page or admin page without http, it automatically changes the URL to https.


I still have SSH access to the server.


I am willing to provide link and all, am looking for guidance here. Thank you!



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...it automatically changes the URL to https.


Sounds like you created a redirect to force SSL on the domain? Try removing it from your cPanel Redirects. That would at least give you access to the site again until you sort your cert installation proper.

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Load that page with https, it won't load! If I try with http, it will auto-redirect to https!


try :-




without SSL. It loads fine! Please look into it :)

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without SSL. It loads fine!


Not all pages there load fine, something is continually trying to load but can't. The pages do come up without SSL though, on your custom style.


Is your WHMCS up to date, and can you switch to the default untouched WHMCS style and test it for issues?

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Hey there,


So looking over this a bit, I believe this has something to do with your custom theme as I was able to load the pages up fine after using the smart switching ?systpl=default like here:




However, I feel there is something happening on the server itself with the SSL:




When I checked the SSL version of your site against this SSL checking site, it shows there is no SSL installed.


You should get with your sys admin or hosting provider for assistance in checking the SSL is installed properly.


Hope that helps


Thanks :D

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I would ask that you submit a ticket to WHMCS Support so we can investigate this issue further. It still seems to be related to the SSL install but we can determine that for sure in the ticket. Can you please also update the thread with your ticket ID so we can update this thread with the outcome of the ticket.



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You should check your SSL installation again, something is definitely wrong there:



No SSL certificates were found on riothost.net. Make sure that the name resolves to the correct server and that the SSL port (default is 443) is open on your server's firewall.


I see you're also using Cloudflare, did you try to load your site with SSL after disabling Cloudflare?

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  • 8 months later...

I am having the same problem

It is not the first time that I install a panel and less SSL

WHMCS is designed so you **************** with SSL

forces you to think that your SSL does not work if it is not with them.


I'm very upset with this system if it wasn't for my ispconfig module I would not be here would prefer blesta or another.


both cloudflare or without cloudflare know when an SSL works and does not work


It seems unethical support request the client's website humiliating above all the public by the doubt in your installation.

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