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How to create a format check on client profiles during sign up

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Even though I read throuhg many (old) threads about this, I can't see this 'basic' issue resolved.

I just had a client order a .nl domain transfer with a hosting package.


The customer accidentally entered 11 digits in the phone number field in stead of the required 10 digits. Still, he was able to finish his order, pay for it and wait for the acknowledgment.


To my surprise the order/transfer did not go through but was set to pending. When I checked I noticed the error of the wrong phone format, which was obviously not accepted by the NL-domain-API. I corrected it and manually pushed it through.


That brought me to this question; it should have been a basic option for us as administrators to be able to determine the accepted phone formats. I'm sure this could vary from country to country. How do I change this? Obviously custom fields don't work, they won't work with the registrar's API, unless we could use them to 'replace' standard fields and switch those off.


I'm more worried about the fact that the client is able to finish and pay for his order, with incorrect information. The whole idea for WHMCS was to automise the entire process, now I feel I have to keep a constant eye on it.


Please advise, thank you!

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We have a custom hook, that if registration fails, it sends an email to the customer, asking them to correct theirs details, after that he can reply the email creating a ticket for support for check it again. http://store.altomarketing.com.ar/en/home/18-alert-on-domain-registration-failure.html


And if the customer did not take any action, another hook on all pending domains, will alert customer about that. http://store.altomarketing.com.ar/en/hooks/14-domain-booster.html




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