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Hello there,

In the past few months I've bought an item from another website using your website host. Me and other people, over 50+ people have bought items from the website. I've bought an item for $100 USD. And in a few days it says that the website is down and it's been down for 5 months! They said in their twitter that it's been hacked and your trying to fix the problem and in october 2013 they said it was almost ready to be back up but until then it has never came back up. I think this is a kind of * and I was wondering if you are still fixing their security and everything or if it's a *. I've wasted $100 on this...


WEBSITE: /http://www.raptor-hosting.com/ (CLICK ON CLIENT AREA AND YOU WILL SEE)


Twitter (They announced that): /https://twitter.com/RaptorHost


I am just really upset on throwing my money away. So I'm just asking if you are still fixing their security, you have anything to do to resolve this problem or anything.

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Hello DominicT4,

Sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with that company. It shouldn't take 5 months to get their billing manager back online. There is a stable version of WHMCS available for download. In recent months there have been a few security issues, but they have since all been patched.

How did you make this payment? You may want to try the options of getting your money back, as I don't see this turning out to good for you now, if its been 5 months you may not get your money back as you waiting way to long in my personal opinion.

1. Try requesting your minecraft server be installed and activated, they can manually track your account on paper until they get their billing manager online.

2. Try to request your money back from the company, they should be able to verify the payment, make sure you have the transaction id or what ever you need to prove you made a payment.

3. Go to the payment source, if you paid from via paypal file a dispute if you can, not sure it may be too late.

If you made payment from a credit card, try and get the transaction reversed on the banks side, most credit cards will allow you to dispute a charge on your statement.


I hope this turns out well for you, but I think you waited to long! If whmcs was working on their security issues, I think it would have been done by now, as they have a stable release available to every other license holder, there is no reason why their billing manager is not online..


Good luck, please keep us updated with your progress.


- - - Updated - - -


Like on October 3rd;

The following patch release versions of WHMCS have been published to address a specific SQL Injection vulnerability:




Version 5.2.15 is now out, they have missed quite a few updates since then.

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