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1 hour ago, brian! said:

the data feeds have a role, e.g if you needed to output certain details on a non-WHMCS page

well thats what we are using them for... and they dont work half the time :(

1 hour ago, brian! said:

as long as i've been using this award winning software

ROFLMAO you hit the nail on the head πŸ˜‰

1 hour ago, brian! said:

I meant funny in the sense of when I got my first license back in 2013

yup I get it... still dont think it was funny for back then either. I got mine think in 2009 and when m*a*t was at the forefront thing seemed to be getting done hence kept in there.... now its well dont think I am allowed to shout profanaties 🀬on this community and its generally not nice anyway so I will refrain from chatting πŸ’©

1 hour ago, brian! said:

there's more too going on that I wouldn't be allowed to mention here

Ditto, get the vibe loud and clear... much more going on that meets the eye πŸ‘οΈ

1 hour ago, brian! said:

because one day alternative realistic options to WHMCS might come along and they will be dead in the water....

Dont think thats going to happen any time soon. Loads of potentials have come and gone over th years.. Each time a new prospect appeared there was a slight glimmer of hope which was quickly washed away. Dont understand why they dont get into the market properly. The only affect it has had is to allow these guys more market share heading towards what they may wish is a kind of monopoly. My 2cent.

Anyways small rant over!

1 hour ago, brian! said:

annoying that I missed it in the first place though! πŸ™„

Dont worry buddy, I mean its not as if your are paid support (wonder if support have ever considered employing you for real? considering you do the work of the WHOLE department. Either they are all umpa lumpas or minions!!!)

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