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  1. Probarbly not. Have been looking into this ourselves and doesnt appear to be straight forward HAVING said that I have seen at least 2 whmcs users (dont know if I should/can mention there names) that actually have this setup and working on there live sites i.e. register and login before cart process BUT the big difference is that the kind of products and services they sell are more suited to someone who would definitly want to buy that service. For bog standard hosting customers I think its going to be the same drop off rate either way with register/login vs standard cart flow... Experimenting with a flow like woocommerce whereby the details are asked for at an earlier stage (thus collecting details) and then rest of the cart flow (still testing etc) that way IF its a drop off the details are present to hopefully (send abondon ed cart email 🤔 ideally) testing, pondering and more testing OR should I say battering our heads against a wall ATM
  2. @UKBSS LTD actually just spotted an update to elementor standard and pro which fixes the polyfil.js from diplaying on fronend which is classed as a bug. Latest version should address that so you should be able to get away with not using the functions file addition for that specific file. At the very least that should remove I tink 2-3 redundant js files. Every little helps as they say 🙂
  3. Agreed, yup we have some very loyal customers and providing good timly friendly support goes a long long way hence why they stick with us (once we get them that is!) Yet again OUTSTANDING! I owe you more than a few cups of your faviorate drink 😉 Those 'tweaks' have worked a treat. Tested and all working as expected and yes although we use a standard cart and template behind the scenes its a bit customised which is why when a new template comes out (are they new 🤔) we hesitate and quite often frown upon the work that needs to be done just to move up a few versions. All working good, now just monitoring and dare I say it spying 🙊 on pages to ensure no issues like what we have been getting. that will hopefully fix the issue with 'dissapearing fields data' for the non tech savvy/non net users who are looking to setup online first time. Dont want to frustrate them during checkout. Gets loads of abandoned carts. Guess thats a stoy in itself, abandon carts, no way whmcs can track them. We run magento, woocommerce and a few other enterise carts and they can all track abandon carts at some stage but with whmcs... dare i say they would probarbly say: 'whats an abandoned cart?' thankfully we have got some good tools to monitor the checkout pages etc that can at the least give us good indications on whats working and whats not. Again a big bow down to the master of whmcs edits and support. Hats off to you sir. Hope you have a great/super/fab evening wherever and whatever you may be doing 🙂
  4. would love to know your thoughts on it.... exactly. kind of defeats the point of having a community? Yup, it was a few threads where you have given some stella whmcs ehm ehem support! Some I was directly in BUT the majority of them were when you helped others. Definitly helpful and useful for them BUT for many many other whmcs users etc.. Well, as can be seen its useful. TBH i wont be going that far. becoming the bookmark nija I havent got time for will have to do for now until they kill of six OR worse still whmcs turns fully SASS 🤦‍♂️ yup, thats a given!
  5. No problem at all. More than happy to help. We do this day in day out for the agency work we do. Further to that code you could potentially wrap that code in: if(is_front_page()) { // your dequed files here for front page } and a combination of different pages to load only assets reqired for those pages. Time consuming to figure out the handles for JS srips etc BUT helps greatly for performance... That should all make sense to your dev guys 😉
  6. Yea, totally get that. Here this snippet added to your functions file (adjusted according to your own needs) may help with too many non relevant JS files being called per page: function manweb_elementor_frontend_scripts() { // Dequeue and deregister swiper wp_dequeue_script( 'swiper' ); wp_deregister_script( 'swiper' ); // Dequeue and deregister elementor-dialog wp_dequeue_script( 'elementor-dialog' ); wp_deregister_script( 'elementor-dialog' ); // Dequeue and deregister elementor-frontend wp_dequeue_script( 'elementor-frontend' ); wp_deregister_script( 'elementor-frontend' ); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'manweb_elementor_frontend_scripts' ); You will need to adjust according to your needs AND can add in additional JS files you want to exclude by finding the relevant JS handle from the pages source etc... Hope it helps in some small way 🙂
  7. no worries, thanks for the input. Havent managed to stumble upon the offending code as yet... searched high and low 😞
  8. @UKBSS LTD nice site. Looks clean. 1 thing I did notice was the amount of font files being called. Surely you dont need 20+ font files? reducing and combining them will definitly help especially when it comes to page speed and Googles CLS. More likely its due to the use of elementor? which also calls in redundant JS scripts from what I can tell your site doesnt need OR use i.e. wp-polyfill-fetch.min.js which elementor is calling in... just my 2cent 🙂
  9. Ah, ok. maybe thats the case. wouldnt have said they were spammy tho an wonder what the reason is to hide them. sigh. just going to bookmark and get the page cached by web archive. least will be there when needed then 🙂
  10. Any takers on this? Could it be encrypted files that cannot be changed? checked whmcs.js and didnt find anything in there either.. possible that @brian! or @bear would be kind enough to shed some light and knowledge on this??
  11. yea i would get that if settings were changed that the profile image could go TBH not bothered about that. Its the threads I followed that bothers me. Followed quite a few last oct/nov and now they have all gone 😞 To confirm they were not beta release threads OR spam threads as they were pretty informative with loads of help from members like @brian! and @bear Would love to give you some examples BUT without going through and searching for threads again (which will take ages) there is not any examples I can give. the only thing I can say is taht looking at my profile (as admin you can see it all) there is only say 3/4 threads that are followed and thats definitly not correct. Looks like I am going to have to become a bookmark ninja instead. Least that way the conetent I find useful wont dissapear UNLESS you can do something about that @ChrisD ?
  12. Forgive me if I get this wrong. Not logged in for a while as have been busy with projects. Noticed a few thing with our community account: profile image dissapeared! Not bothered TBH followed content that would be useful and was hoping to revisit when we had time GONE Maybe I am being thick here but WTF is there a time limit or something? epectation to login everyday just so we dont lose content thats being followed? or is it more simple? i.e. not using the right search options? checking content I follow and there only 2 topics out of about 50+ that we had followed for later review. Got better things to do than searching everytime for stuff we searched for previously ot stay on the board day in day out (like that maes you a profit) A good RANT is in order but whats the point?! Just hoping I am being thick and not spotting the option to view those followed posts (checked every link tho). Why do they (you know who) have to make everything incredibily hard? Anyone had the same experience?
  13. Hello everyone, Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Bascially after reviewing our video heatmaps we have found loads of drop offs on our checkout page due to potential new customers getting frustrted with having to keep inputting the password and security question IF the checkout form has any errors OR hasnt been filled out with all the required details. IF thats the case then the form refreshes and points out the errors. Now what we noiced is that the customer would the fill out OR correct the errors being pointed too and then submit BUT they dont fill out the password OR security question again as (I ASSUME) they think its already present when in fact its been cleared. Have seen potential customers going through the checkout form up to 10 times (I know right!) filling out the form and adding in missing OR fields that contain errors. Would be ideal IF they looked at everything and ensured that they filled out everything the first time round. A perfect customer alas thats not the case. SO trying to figure out how to keep anything inserted in the password and security answer fields at the very least saved AS they are for the personal fields (name + address) in case there is an error and the page spits out which errors those are. At the very least they wont have to add in those details again (as thats whats making them go round and round in circles!!!) Further, it would be great if that can also be applied to the card number and expiry field NOT the cvv tho for abovious reasons... I have checked the following files and cannot see where that removal takes place: js/jquery.payment.js js/scripts.min.js Also checked the HTML to see if there is any indicators there but cannot find anything. Pretty sure I am misssing something here i.e where the validation uccors maybe thats where those fileds are getting stripped? Any pointers to what I am missing OR how to implement that? I was thinking that dding in a class OR additional bootstrap class direct into the HTML field output would help?
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