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redirect to this Google form


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I make a Offline Bank Payment getway on whmcs default system It sname "bKash Mobile banking" But

Now I want When any one select payment as "bKash" Tab whey will need Just redirect this Google form page to finish cheakout here bkash form

link /https://docs.google.com/a/serverbd.net/forms/d/19CE9ueOxSBK_Wccq8nBA-kjphQdRmschpWEqqjjXXlU/viewform


Newbee here please help me, sorry 4my bad english.

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You gave people not enough time to figure out exactly what you mean and reply:?:. I myself have no idea what you are talking about other then maybe you didn't save your work as an invoice or template on your server and it is using the cache one that is saved......Just a thought though as like I said I have no idea

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Actually I made a custom Payment gateway Name "bKash" copy of bank transfer,

when clint selet bKash for payment way i need they forward this page blew


and due invoice genate normally


function banktransfer_link($params) {


how put there google doc link ...... it /https://docs.google.com/a/serverbd.n...jXXlU/viewform

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There is a lot more to coding a payment gateway module than just copying an existing one ...


Like getting the function names correct for a start...



ya bro i do it as you say :

	$token = md5( $params["merchantid"] . ":" . $params["amount"] . ":" . strtolower( $params["currency"] ) . ":" . $params["encryptionkeyword"] );
$code = "<form action=\"https://www.cashu.com/cgi-bin/pcashu.cgi\" method=\"post\">

replace with


	$token = md5( $params["merchantid"] . ":" . $params["amount"] . ":" . strtolower( $params["currency"] ) . ":" . $params["encryptionkeyword"] );
$code = "<form action=\"https://docs.google.com/a/serverbd.net/forms/d/19CE9ueOxSBK_Wccq8nBA-kjphQdRmschpWEqqjjXXlU/viewform\" method=\"post\">



but after order user redirect that google form and its say file not found


after 30 sec when i refresh rhat page then google form open normaly.

i replace there another site link open fine but

Google form saying 1st time not fond

where is fault ?

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