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Domains keep flipping from active to pending. A little desperate...


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Hey folks.


I use my whmcs to sell domains and we have been doing pretty well for a while now. I use the namecheap plugin for my .coms


To give you a bit of back story. I had beeng googling around the internet and had come across the namecheap plugin at https://code.google.com/p/namecheap/


I had that installed and everything seemed fine. Then the other day there was the 5.12 update so I did it. I noticed that some of the files in the namecheap module folder were replaced. I ignored this, figured it was just an updated version of the plugin.


Anyways, all of a sudden all my domains on namecheap (that have been active for years or months) went from active to pending. I changed them all back but a couple of hours later they were all set to pending again.


So I downloaded the code from the google site again, and made sure the only files in the module were the one from the google site.


Again all my namecheap domains changed from active to pending.


So then I guessed that perhaps its the google code namecheap plugin and its cron that is the problem. So I deleted all the files in the module directory and replaced them with the files that come with whmcs. I also killed the namecheap specific cron job that comes with the google code version.


Again the domains all changed from active to pending.


Im literally at my wits end. Does anyone have any advice for me? The advice I got from whmcs support was pretty terrible (if I had done what they had asked I would have turned all domains that were on pending to active, not just the namecheap ones).


Does anyone have any advice for me? Does anyone know an engineer I could pay to resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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