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I am looking into WHMCS as an alternative to my current client management system as I am looking to add hosting to my services.


One main feature I need is block hours for support. Where I can log a support ticket and have time automatically deducted from the block hours. then at the end give a report on what the hours were used for.


Do you have this capability?

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We wanted to do the same with whmcs. ...we asked for this during the first beta of a previous version, while features were looking like to be still a little open for this.


Matt answered this was out of question.


Then i found another solution that does this. We did it. We sold block of hours on our website. ...and few months later : i understood why Matt did not liked that idea.


You'll get more money by going on a per hour basis. Also : you need to discuss of a task with a customer anyway before you perform it. If the client have a block of hours, it means he can ask you for everything. The reality is you cannot do everything : there's stuff you don't know : always. There will be projects you won't want to work on : always. The customer don't want to pay 200$ for a 1 hour task, and then leave the remaining cash in a sleeping state in he's account. You'll get more clients by going on a per hour basis : sounds more professional also.


We changed this on our side. Better now. Projects are getting more interesting for everyone. Clients are peoples we want to work with only, and they understand better when we ask them for more time, because what they asked takes time :P . Also : we are having more clients on the development side now than at the time we were selling blocks of time on our website. Most clients won't buy and will go somewhere else just because they don't know how much time they need to buy from you.


Also : let's say you go with the idea to sell block of hours to your clients... ...before they purchase a block of time, clients will always ask for an evaluation anyway, so you'll have to tell them exactly how much time they need to purchase, and then they will rush you like hell to complete always in the provided time frame, because they purchased a block of time, so they think they already paid their development.


...if they don't ask for an evaluation, then most of the time it will means they may be clients refused / untrusted by every other developers or with very complicated projects that will take a month to complete while they will be rushing you like hell always to complete within the purchased block of time. Beleive me : chances are you won't want to work like this anymore 1-2 years after you started :-P


BUT : if you still want to do it, why not using something like http://www.wbteampro.com/ and ask them to perform some more development on their tool if they don't deliver such feature (did not verified, but i think you should have more chances by going this way).


or you may ask http://modulesgarden.com for this. They are nice peoples out there, always willing to give a hand on something. I have discussed a few times with their developers : it's seems pretty easy to work with them, and achieve your goals with whmcs.


I won't promote the solution i found to manage this since i didn't like it. :P


Hope that help :)

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