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New registrar module, _TransferSync never called by cron


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While develop new registrar module I can`t find the problem with a function `modulename_TransferSync`, that should be called every cron start, but it doesn`t. Details:

- used the latest WHMCS stable build

- function `modulename_TransferSync` placed in the same file, as any other registrar functions. All ather functions are callable.

- checking goes through call logModuleCall('modulename', __FUNCTION__, $params, 'The domain ' . $params['domain'] . ' transfer check start'); inside the `modulename_TransferSync` and turned on module debug log

- cron call got throught GET ..HttpPath../admin/cron.php and php -q ..path../admin/cron.php

- setup->general settings->domains->Domain Sync Enabled checked

- have a 2 domains with a state `pending transfer`

- usual answer from a cron job looks like

Cron Job Report for Wednesday 21st August 2013 @ 15:32:32

0 Invoices Created

0 Late Fees Added

0 Unpaid Invoice Payment Reminders Sent

0 Overdue Invoice Reminders Sent

0 Domain Renewal Notices Sent

0 Cancellation Requests Processed

0 Services Suspended

0 Fixed Term Terminations Processed

Processed Email Marketer Rules

Updated Disk & Bandwidth Usage Stats


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/admin/cron.php and php -q ..path../admin/cron.php


You are executing the daily cron. The daily cron never invokes domain related functions such as modulename_TransferSync or modulename_Sync


For that you have to execute the domainsync.php script located in /whmcsroot/crons/




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