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whmcs for non-hosting business- How easy is it to customise?


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after looking at a bunch of sales/billing managers over the past few months, I really like how WHMS is structured and the fact that it fits most of our needs despite us not being a hosting company.


Now, forgive my ignorance as I am not a developer myself, but are there limitations in how parts of the code can be changed?

Some changes are as simple as replacing the word "server" with "Magazine"

Others might be as complex as having non-regular payment terms per invoice.



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WHMCS can be used for other things, a few examples can be found here: http://www.whmcs.com/features/other-uses/


The themes are smarty template based and are quote easy to change. With regards to changing wording then this can be changed from the language file. Not the way I tend to do things as we only use 1 language and I tend t paste the txt directly into the template page.


As for non regular payments, you would simply have to invoice this each time a payment is due or set the next due date manually for the client each time after the have paid. Maybe other forum members have other suggestions.

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We use WHMCS for non-hosting services, but it is still focused on technology services. However, you mentioned changing it to "magazine". If your aim is to do magazine subscriptions and related services with media/magazines, I suggest using WordPress or Joomla. I used to run a sizable online media business (30+ online vertical media sites in multiple languages and 3 print magazines), and for our print and online subscription products we integrated them into WordPress. The good news is WordPress and WHMCS have bridges (google them to find) so you can use both together, but if your plan is to use WHMCS for recurring subscriptions and user maintenance I suggest other tools for your needs.


But the good news is WHMCS is somewhat flexible in renaming and retooling for most whatever you need. The good news is almost all text can be changed easily in language text files. The bad news is almost all the core code is obfuscated, so further tweaking or fixing WHMCS for your needs is not possible unless your developer makes workarounds via hooks or you beg the WHMCS gods to make core changes that suit your needs ;)

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