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  1. Ahh, that's a shame -- it would make some products much easier to sell on a limited basis. Even hourly would be nice -- could connect WHMCS to a radius server to sell hourly Wifi services. I hope something like this is added soon.
  2. I have no problem creating products/services that expire after Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, Biennially, or Triennially.... but what about Daily? I tried using the "One Time/Monthly" payment option when editing the product, but then there seems no way to make it act and work like a Daily product. The same goes for if I want it to work for 3 days or 7 days, etc. How can I do this? Even when I create a "One Time/Monthly" payment option product but set the "Auto Terminate/Fixed Term" to 1 Day, it still shows that the "Next Due Date" is one month away and there is no "Termination Date" when I view the user's product in the WHMCS admin area.
  3. When a product expires inside a user's account, the product is removed/deleted. What function inside WHMCS causes the product to be deleted? I want to add a hook to the function that removes/deletes the product, but I can't find something in the API that does this. Thank you~
  4. I agree, I already copied over v7 3x and used 2 different zip files even though their hashes were the same. But same results. I am in the process of reverting back to v6 -- live site is down and I cannot wait for WHMCS support to respond ;(
  5. Yes, but it worked on the dev site no problem. It just overwrites the files that are the same. Is there an issue with this on v7?
  6. I posted a support ticket to WHMCS a couple hours ago and wait for them. I am updating from 6.3.1 to 7.0.1. I tested v7.0.1 on my dev site and everything worked great and I had no problems. I then today uploaded to my live site and when I visit /install/install.php I get 500 Server Error. Very odd and nothing is in my install/log/
  7. I have a "Owned License No Branding" license. When my current support contract expires, will I be paying monthly support fees according to the chart at http://www.whmcs.com/price-change-faq/ or is there a change in support payments?
  8. Got it, thank you. We narrowed down the problem and were able to fix it a few days ago with just a few lines of code.
  9. Got it and makes sense. Many thanks! on v7... sheez... we just finished, finally, upgrading and updating everything to v6 actually a few days ago -- process took about a year to get everything fully working. I see v7 is coming and I hesitate to think about more huge structural changes
  10. Thanks for all your help. Is there a method to get around using this: $adminuser = "CHANGEME"; It's easy to put the admin's username in there, but it adds one extra worry in the future if the admin is removed/changed and then I forget to change the hook. Is there like a "sudo root" method to mimic the admin without their username, or does that create security issues?
  11. Great many thanks for your code and I shall test this weekend
  12. When a user changes their password using the "Lost Password" feature, they receive an email afterwards telling them the password was changed successfully. Is there also a way to send users an email when they change their password at clientarea.php?action=changepw from inside the clientarea?
  13. Thanks for your help. For one action, it generated over 100 rows of hook calls, so is there a way to sift through each line to more accurately assess which hook is creating the problem?
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