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wrong product in cart

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When a customer adds a product to their cart... it is not the product they chose!! Instead, it is the first product in the product category!!


I've tested it and no matter what click sequence you use or if you add a domain first, it still ends up with the first product in the category being shown in the cart!!


I'm using 5.2.5 and the web20cart.

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== Affected Version ==

5.2.5 Maintenance


== Description ==

I finally found the problem... something that is NOT DOCUMENTED!!!


I duplicated a product and then changed my default cart template setting.


Since it is undocumented that WHMCS now puts that default template into the product setting in the DATABASE... without any way to change it from inside WHMCS... and the fact that you have to clear out your c_templates directory (which is also not documented) when I changed default templates, it broke my cart!!!


This is mentioned nowhere in your documentation, including change logs!

Why is this even implemented if it doesn't have the controls to go with it????!!!


Come on... you all need to complete your documentation and coding BEFORE you put your product out as stable!


== Steps to Reproduce ==

From Admin, go to Setup >> Products

Either create a product or duplicate one.

Go to Setup >> General Settings and select the Ordering tab.

Switch the default cart to a customized cart (with no coding changes, only css changes).

Go to the client side and try to add that new product to your cart.

When you finish configuring and finally get to the View Cart page, it's the wrong product!


== Expected Result ==

I expect your documentation to be the authoritative source for how to use your product.


I expect your program not to put data into the database, in regards to products, that is not controllable from within the admin area. (not exactly sure how to word this sentence... but you get my drift)


I expect you not to act like Microsoft and treat your clients like guinea pigs.


== Severity ==


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It's not necessary to duplicate the bug reports. Either forum, or bugs.whmcs.com is acceptable. I'm unable to replicate this via your replication steps however.


The template is defined at either the General Settings level, or the product group level - both changeable via the interface.

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