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WHMCS Merge / keep old invoices / reset invoice number count with new company details


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I having a little bit of a dilemma.

As you know if you update company details all previous invoices get (redone with the new details) .. (which is very annoying) .. as we never installed the plugin :D


Now, we are changing company name / address / bankaccount / VAT number etc..


What would be the easiest way to retain data? (product / services / billing Cycles) old invoice data. ?


We were planning on using whmcs merg script.

So we take a copy of the current whmcs install and then empty the whole thing (DB data invoices / etc..)

so null it back to a fresh DB..


Then merge with the current DB so that all invoices and historical data is merged.


My questions is will the invoices be retained ? (products / services / clients).


So clients can download the old invoices from the old company and be invoiced with the new company name.



Anybody an idea ,?

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the invoices dont get updated exactly, your company data does, company data is dynamically displayed on each invoice view, there is no way to prevent that other than dont change the information.


If you need to make this change, export all of your information that you have right now and store it. make sure you make some note of what and why you are doing it and inform your accountant/tax man when you send them your return.


The records will tally up with all of the other information so it will be very east for them to reconcile them. Although to be fair, if you are changing a company name you should probably be filing those reports for the old name then starting afresh.

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As we know clients love to download all invoices @ the end of the year ... :P


you should be informing your clients of the rebranding, so simply request that if they need any invoices in the name of the old company name to download then before XX.XX.XXXX as after that date any invoices on the system will reflect the new business details.


You could also just rebrand your site etc. and keep the old business name as a parent company. ie. new brand is part of old business, then you can keep the invoicing branding as the old business (parent company).

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so guess their are quite a few limitations in whmcs.. :(


The problem is i want to avoid that data on the current invoices is changed .. as their are some laws on modding invoices after being written out ...


Wondering if i can export clients + invoices (tables) import them on a blank install .. and but it on a subdomain..

(hmm this seems far to complicated for a single change :D )


I've sent off a ticket to support see what they can come up with :D

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