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Incorrect Invoice Balance

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When adding an amount paid out (to a subcontractor or affiliate) to a transaction, that amount is shown to the client on their invoice as unpaid...

Their payment shows less than actually paid and their balance shows as the amount paid out.

The client statement report also shows incorrectly... seems that since the amount out is not tied to the invoice (amount out is only input in the transaction and not the invoice payment), it is incorrectly being shown as a second debit.


This was a previous bug from v.4 as well, and I contacted support about it.

They said the amount out was for cash-back refunds... which makes no sense, because you would have a separate refund transaction that would appropriately debit the account.

Guess whoever designed this accounting flow does not follow standard practices! LOL


In my humble opinion... this is a BUG that needs to be fixed.

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Open an invoice for editing.

Apply a payment.

Go to the transactions list and open the transaction you just performed.

Enter an amount paid out.

View the related customer's statement report and look at the balance due... it will be incorrect.

Then, log in as the client and look at the invoice balance due... it too will be incorrect.


I was under the incorrect understanding that refunds are separate transactions and therefore showed as negative income (amount in), and that showing an amount paid out (which in my opinion should be actual amounts paid out in relation to services provided to the client - - separate from fees) should not add it back to the amount due.

However, I guess I was wrong (after submitting a refund). But, the statement balance and invoice balance are still shown incorrectly.


So, to correct this, there would be four choices:

1) disconnect refunds from invoices (which makes no sense)

2) patch a fix for this based on your current coding (if your egos cannot take a bit of constructive criticism and you want to continue to build on a flawed accounting scenario that any business person knows is pretty much useless when it comes to reports and planning)

3) state that the functionality is "as intended" (which we know is untrue)

or 4) rethink and redesign the basic accounting in WHMCS to be a real-world scenario that actually works.


Yes, I'm aware this sounds like a rant... but I'm starting to get enough clients to know that this either needs to be fixed or I need to start looking for different software that does not require me to enter transactions separately in my accounting software rather than being able to export out usable information.

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