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Customization Question - Tickets.

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Does anyone know of a way, or have developed a scenario such as the following:


Once a ticket is viewed and work has begun on the ticket, we place it in a status called "In Progress". Our problem is we get a lot of people that then go in and respond with "OK Thanks!" or some other trivial response. This then places the ticket back into Customer-Reply. This is not helpful for us. What I am envisioning is a way to put perhaps a checkbox for any ticket at our leisure to "Stay in Current Status" or something to that nature, so we can basically force a ticket to stay where it is no matter what the response is.


This even happens when a tech says "OK I will look into this" and it goes to Answered.. we want them to stay in In Progress until we move it to Complete, Closed, etc..


Any ideas?

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There is a "TicketUserReply" hook point. That "Runs when a user replies to a ticket through the Client Area, by Email or API"

(if you dont know what a hook point is. I suggest you read this http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks)


So you technically could do this. I would think this would be something that they should implement. Cus its a good idea. I can see how that would be frustrating.


It would i think take some doing. For you to do it yourself. Would have to write some php. Definitely would have to use that hook point and prob add a database table. To keep track of that "checkbox" that your talking about, for each ticket, to see if its checked. Then on that hook point check the checkbox status(in the database) and set the status to what you need it to be. Just update the database and change it back real quick. There may be a better way to do it. But this is one way.

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