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Add fund only for payment


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Hi guys,


I'm new to WHMCS and I wanna use add funds only for all purchases. I'm also not familiar with how Paypal works.


Just to make sure how things works, can you guys please help me out here;



For example purpose, let's say I set the configuration in WHMCS like below;


NO - Allow Client Registration (Tick this box to allow registration without ordering any products/services)


YES - Require Active Order (Require an active order before allowing Add Funds use (used to protect against fraud, means an admin must have manually reviewed the client & approved an order before allowing credit to be added)


My question is;


What is the right way to configure it to make add funds be the only payment method for all order?



For Example 2


Credit Setup;







Client example;


PAYMENT METHOD - PayPal or PayPal Website Payments Pro (does it have a different charges?)


Let's say Paypal charges is 3.9% + $0.50




My question is;


  1. What happen after client add funds using this 2 methods? Paypal & PayPal Website Payments Pro. Does it goes to pending order or automatically add fund to their account?

  2. The amount in their credit, is it $100, or is it $95.60? (see example)





Thanks in advance for any help. ;)

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This isn't the way a hosting company generally works, although there are some domain companies that do.


What your asking is a client to put absolute faith into an unknown entity. Of course if you had a reputation as being the best in the industry, this would be a viable solution and you would have clients flocking to your company.


Even in that case i would be extremely hesitant to implement such a method as you would be preventing single clients from entertaining your company due to the high costs involved in placing a simple hosting order.


Using the Add funds can be good for business, But only alongside regular payment methods for the smaller clients.



If you need to apply this sort of feature for say, Resellers. You would need to make a hook that prevents reseller products from being ordered without an active reseller account.


They would simply sign up and add funds. You would also need to ensure that all Reseller orders only used account credit & cannot be ordered without account credit meaning they cannot order it and then pay at a gateway etc etc.


This isn't a straightforward things to sort out, but it can be done if worked correctly.


I must stress however, I still feel this could be highly detrimental to your business model.

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Thanks for your reply.


You're right but that's the only way I can think of when it comes to cover for payment gateway charges since WHMCS did not have a feature for transaction surcharges. Even if they have, I think it against Paypal t&c.


I really think that it is unfair for payment gateway to have a percentage charges. It should only be a fix charges. They are not share holder...:evil:


Anyway, instead of making a hook I think of setting 1 new product and name it Add Fund, under group which have all payment method like Paypal, credit/debit card. When a customer add fund using this method, after receiving their payment, then manually add fund to customer account with the amount after the transaction charges.


For all product, at the order form, will show only the payment method without transaction fee, such as Bank Transfer for domestic customer.


This way I think I can offer them to add fund or to pay with my selection of payment method with no transaction charges.


Is it possible to do this? Gonna try it anyway. ;)

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Thanks for your reply.


You're right but that's the only way I can think of when it comes to cover for payment gateway charges since WHMCS did not have a feature for transaction surcharges. Even if they have, I think it against Paypal t&c.



Its no longer an issue with Paypal, You can now pass transaction fees onto clients. we do this by using the tax rules


just name a tax rule as Credit Card / PayPal Surcharge and then decided on a percentage to charge

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There is another option to one that easyhosting suggested. Calculate your costs ahead of time at product pricing.


You already have your price, so the calculation would be:


cost + tax% + (transFee + rate%)


This way you don't have any added charges at the invoice stage which can easily lead to an abandoned cart. Everything is included in the upfront price. Cost, Tax and Gateway fees so no nasty surprises.


I completely understand your point on the fees there is yet another option, seeing as your asking for bulk payments anyway, Just dont offer monthly plans. Make everything every 3/6 months where possible and annual everywhere else. Problem with lots of fees eliminated.

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Thanks for all reply...




Wow this is great :D but i've read some in paypal but couldn't find where's info about this...


I had to get this confirmed over the phone with them as when i was also told i could not find anything about it. Its hard to work out this when you have several payment gateways as they charge different rates, so we decided on a 4.5% rate as used the 1st tax rule in WHMCS to add this

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Found it!!! well, the word 'Surcharge/Surcharges'...it's not there actually...so i guess surcharges is no longer against paypal policy :D...correct me if i'm wrong ;)



here is the current policy, there's 4 words of 'Surcharge' in it;

Amendment to the PayPal Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Feb 20, 2013



This a new one, note the date, is has no word 'Surcharge' in it;

Amendment to the PayPal User Agreement

Effective Date: May 16, 2013



If this is confirm, hope WHMCS will have a feature for this instead of using 'Tax' as 'Surcharge'. :idea:

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