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[RESOLVED] All Prices overwrite after upgrade and mainbug...

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After the update to 5.2.2 all prices are overwrite with a basic currency x exchange rate (we have different companys in many countries and fixed prices in every currency.. no flexible prices!).


This is very bad, we have a lot of marketing campaigns online...


The price is always overwrite if we run the cronjob...


We disabled now "Exchange Rates" but this helps nothing.


We need extremly fast a patch for this case.


Attention: If you run WHMCS and have more than 1 currency.. do not upgrade to a higher version before this is not fixed (bugfix is available from the whmcs support :))! This costs many hours.. in our case more than 100 prices were overwrite

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We're also seeing this problem. Ticket #PPN-951545.


We only found out about this by chance. You should have notified all customers the moment this problem became apparent, this could have cost us a lot of money had it gone unnoticed!


Hope the fix doesn't involve manually editing all the prices by hand!


Edit: The fix doesn't restore your pricing. It only prevents it getting trashed again. Get those backups ready if you're affected by this, otherwise you're gonna have a huge data-entry task to deal with.


Edit 2: We've waited over 7 hours (and are still waiting) for a response for information on whether our restore plan is viable. This is an emergency situation for us! Our WHMCS install (our main storefront, I might point out) has now been in maintenance mode for over 8 hours, and we can't re-open it because over 170 prices are currently incorrect in USD. This whole situation has been handled appaulingly.


Edit 3: 9 hours and counting...

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We have now been waiting for a reply to an emergency support ticket for over 19 hours.


This is not how you succeed at retaining customers.


Edit: 20 and a half hours to get a response. And it didn't even answer our query. Really hope we're not screwed for another 20 hours.

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It is a patch for v5.2.2 of WHMCS. Please, submit a ticket if you are experiencing this issue with WHMCS v5.2.2


So you're still selling and allowing downloads of a product with a KNOWN bug in it (and quite a major one at that if it's screwing up prices) when you have a patch available to rectify the bug? So the idea is for us to upgrade, realise everything is messed up and shut our businesses down for 24 hours while we wait for you to send us a canned response with a patch?


I'd hoped you guys would have learned something when you totally butchered the 5.1 release. Faith in WHMCS is already at an all time low, you're not doing much to rectify that, are you?

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We took the plunge and upgraded to 5.2.2 and now have hundreds of products with the incorrect prices, we've opened a ticket and are waiting for the patch - ticket DTH-542320


As LDHosting said, why would you not include the patched file as part of the main download??


If what's stated above regarding it not restoring old prices but stopping it from occurring again, can you confirm all we need to restore from a backup is the tblpricing table to get back the old prices, or are the prices referenced in other tables as well?

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