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[NOT A BUG] v5.x Sort replies setting not obeyed with ticket replies

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This is apparently an item that was broken in a much older version. I just did a search I found this exact bug reported way back in June of 2011 in THIS ticket.


I am using:

CentOS release 5.9 (Final)

PHP Version 5.3.21

WHMCS V 5.2.2 (incremental update from V5.2.1)


Under Settings > Support > "Ticket Reply List Order"

This setting has no effect in either of my WHMCS installations. All of my support tickets start with the oldest at the top and then get newer as I go down the list.


I have done a browser cache and history clear but to no effect.


I just upgraded to v5.2.1 yesterday and was hoping it would be fixed today once I did the incremental update to the newest release (5.2.2) but it was not the case since the same problem still exists.


Is everyone else seeing this too or is it just my bad luck?




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I just found the way to sort the order the support tickets is now set.


Even though the option described in my original bug report (HERE) is still there you change the order support tickets are displayed now from the ticket page it's self. Click on the top heading on "Last Reply". this reverses the order of the listings form oldest first to newest first.


Please read my new post HERE asking for the original method to be removed.



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Under Settings > Support > "Ticket Reply List Order"

This setting has no effect in either of my WHMCS installations.


Not sure why this has been marked as "Not a bug" if it's ignoring the system setting for sort order.

Some of us want the order to be "proper" top-to-bottom date sequence and have this set in our config files.

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I THINK "THIS" thread is marked as "Not a Bug" because I found the order can still be sorted (even though this setting has no effect any longer) and I opened a new ticket under "BUGS" (which is STILL active as a bug) asking for a solution.


Please redirect your attention to the new thread at http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?69847-Ticket-order-listings

This is where it should be decided by the community what you would like done to correct this.


I am speaking for myself NOT WHMCS but I believe this is what they had in mind.

The two threads are my fault. This thread was started BEFORE I found how to reverse the order of the ticket listings. The BUG is fully explained in my other ticket (mentioned above).


I DO BELIEVE the ticket order should be set to default to "Newest to Oldest" and delete the option under the "Setup" tab, OR make that setting the deciding factor in which way the ticket listing is displayed.



The subject has NOT been deemed as NOT being a bug by WHMCS. The "Bug" thread has only changed to:




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Just to clarify the reason this has been marked as not a bug - the setting Ticket Reply List Order in Setup > General Settings > Support applies specifically to the order ticket messages/replies are displayed when viewing an individual ticket.


It is not intended to determine the order of tickets as displayed in the main ticket list. This is controlled by the last reply column heading, and by default is oldest to newest. You can reverse this by clicking the column heading for Last Reply any time you want. And the order you choose will remain for the entire duration of your session.



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