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2 PayPal Payment email addresses


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I have two hosting businesses i.e. each business has a WHMCS system a PayPal account and a number of PayPal subscriptions setup from customers.


A few weeks ago I migrated Hosting business 'A' WHMCS into Hosting business 'B' WHMCS so i have one point of contact.


All my clients now go to Hosting Business 'B' WHMCS for support etc.


The only problem is that the clients that were setup on Hosting Business 'A' with subscriptions have their payments going to a different PayPal account. This isn't a problem from my point of view so i updated the PayPal IPN location so both PayPal accounts send information to Hosting Business 'B' WHMCS when a payment is made.


The only problem is that Hosting Business 'B' WHMCS will only look/register payments that come from the PayPal account/email address that is setup in WHMCS.


My question is - is it possible to add two PayPal email addresses into WHMCS so one WHMCS system can log payments from two different PayPal accounts?


I could go to the customers and ask them to setup new PayPal subscriptions but at the minute everything seems to be working really well and if there was a simple way to do this without contacting the customers it would be my preferred option.

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Did you know that having 2 Paypal business accounts is against Paypals policies.


you can have


1 PP business account or PP Premium account + 1 PP personal account


but your situation can be easily sorted.


have all clients on Hosting Business 'A' cancel their Paypal subscriptions (you should be able to do this from your end). message these clients explaining the situation. so that when they get their next invoices they can set up new subscriptions on Hosting Business 'B' Paypal system.

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Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify one PayPal account is in my name and the other paypal account is run by a Limited UK Business so its not in my name as such.


This was what i wanted to avoid but i think it would be a cleaner solution in the long run.

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Hello guys, I am having the same question, I need 2 paypal gateway 1 for the USA and 1 for Brazil the way Palpay function in Brazil with the BRL is not like the USA that is per Brazil regulations So is there anyway to do the express pay or 2 with return to site ? I have tryed the paypalbr module but it crashes whmcs v5 it was made for the v4, and just like the last post i have 2 companies names one for the us and one for brasil, any insights ?

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