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Select minFraud service version...?


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I was poking around at MaxMind and I cam across

"Select minFraud service version"


Currently I have 1.1 selected (probably was highest when I first selected).


My question is would it be best/better to go to version 1.3 or is that not compatible with WHMCS?



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I email Matt about this and he tell me this


I've checked with MaxMind and they say our module is compatable with API V1.5 but it might not take advantage of some of the new information fields they have added at this time. We'll look at adding those for our next update.

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Questions about this subject.

1- Have the additional information provided by Maxmind v1.5 been incorporated into WHMCS yet?

2- On their site they say: "Clients using an API must upgrade to Version 1.50." --- Does this mean I cannot upgrade from my current V1.1 to version 1.2? They don't make it clear on their site.


I have just written them about concerns with some of the items displayed on the WHMCS "Order" page.

I asked about a few things and they suggested I contact WHMCS about some of them. Here are some questions I have for you about the "order page" and my Maxmind account.

#1 When I click the "Lookup" link it goes to MY ip address and location, not the client's address and location. Concerning this I have searched the forums and I'm almost certain it's either a WHMCS problem or a change made at 'geoiptool.com'. Can you please see about clearing up this problem?


#2 On the "Order" page there shows a Maxmind "Error" but it does not contain any error information. Please clear up this for us.


I am paying Maxmind for their telephone verification service and the service which is a step above their "free" service. I depend heavily on this Fraud Protection to avoid charge-backs from my merchant service account so this function is very important to me but seems to have gotten little or no attention in your last couple of version releases.


Thanks for any help,


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