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bug in 5.1 api for domainregister command, can someone please confirm

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For some reason WHMCS support doesn't believe me that there is a bug in the API in 5.1 with the domainregister command even though this works in 5.0.3 but not in 5.1. If someone can please verify this for me, that would be a big help or even better if Matt could look at this :)


Here is how to quickly test the issue.


-Setup a new domain order in WHMCS but leave as pending.

-Edit the php below and change the 'domain' line to the domain you setup as pending and put in your whmcs admin username and save it in your whmcs directory as domainregistertest.php

-execute the script, php domainregistertest.php and you will see it always returns NULL and the RegisterDomain function never gets called. If you check the activity log there is no indication that the register command was executed.


Also, I've tried this via the normal api and the local api with the same results and it works fine in 5.0.3.






$command = 'domainregister';

$admin_username = "admin";

$values = array( 'domain' => "testdomain.com");

$results = localAPI($command,$values,$admin_username);

echo var_dump($results);






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HI I confirm with ENOM Register


Today I receive 2 order for a new domains. This are the first new order before the upgrade to 5.1.2


1) Both order are pending, because not paid. THen, when I accept the 2 orden by ckecking in pendig order list, and press de accept botton, both order are accepted, but not are send the registration command to ENOM register.

2) Both order are for 1 new domain with ID Protecion And DNS management

3) I try again change the order status a Pending, and choose ENOM Registran.

4) Then I try again accept on one of the order, the same issue. Accept the order bur not make the register domain in ENOM.

5) If I see my log, not show that WHMCS send the register command to ENOM.

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