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Client Area Alert Messages


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Hey everyone,


I either am missing it, or its a custom feature that WHMCS has installed. Either way, I need an answer.


Using the following image as a reference,




(the alert message under the red arrow)


is there an option in WHMCS to add this or not? If it is, I must be really missing it... If its a custom code in by WHMCS, any chance of getting this for us?



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yeah i like the look of those alerts too, PS, you can totally trick out that client area page and really make it look cool. just like any other, i opted to keep those alerts because they are effective but not as aggressive as the old style red warning boxes, they have done a lot of good work on the recent templates, its a shame i dont use most of it lol

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Because it is part of the new default template that utilises the twitter bootstrap.css to create it.



The default template as sparky says is new, portal is an older template that has not yet been updated, you can do this yourself by adding in the features you want and linking to any JS and CSS files that are required.


bootstrap.css is one of them, and i guess you can find out which are needed for what by changing them in the header file and reload to see what breaks, i would simply do this on a copy tempalte.


Duplicate the "default" rename the new one to "testdefault" or whatever you want it to be.


Head to the browser in the url add ?systpl=testdefault and hit enter/return


This will make just your view the new breakable "testdefault" while leaving your active template in place for clients to see so now you can break it at will and see what needs to go over to the portal template (which you will have copied)



i would suggest making the initial changes using two browsers, one that has the testdefault loaded up, and one that has testportal loaded up, as you break something / remove a section, if you want to keep that part you can move it over to the testportal in the place you elect (with all its workings intact)



On a side note, if you are going to be doing this, then you might as well replicate the default directory and just customise it to suit your needs, might be less hassle.




Once you have your page www . example.com/whmcs/clientarea.php?systpl=template_name


Add a bookmark to the bookmarks bar / favorites


Instant access to your project template in one click

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Sparky, don't you have a module that would add that to Portal? I thought I saw that offered by you some time back.

Yes... it will show the default style clientareahome page on any of the other templates including customised ones.

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