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trying to remove 2 entries from database


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I have these 2 entries see arrows on screenshot that I need to remove as they seem to be stuck there. They have both been paid and are not due. I have some custom code to show this layout which has been used by a few people on the forum. It works well but I think I have done something wrong on a few orders that have messed these two up.

I tried looking through database but no joy.

I am using version 4.5.2.


Any help appreciated.


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Let's try WHMCS first, looks like the payment has simply not been completed


Go to invoices

Check it is marked as PAID

If so, check the payment tab and ensure a payment is recorded

If not, mark as UNPAID and then add a payment, with appropriate date


If a payment has been recorded

Go to the appropriate item

Check the next renewal date

On the first this will be :


Update this manually

On the second this will be :


Update this manually


As these are bank transfers you need to process the payments manually (ie confirming you have actually received the money)

I tend to add these to the To-Do-Items list manually if the customer has marked it as PAID but no payment has yet arrived, with a date 3 days in advance (that way once the 3 days has passed I then contact the customer to advise the payment has not arrived)


Once the payment has arrived, as above click on the Invoice, then the payment and add the date it arrived in the bank account along with the transaction reference

The customer then receives an email confirmation which acts as the receipt

This action also updates the renewal date


It's a bit clumsy, but this is currently the only way to process manual payments (the same as if a customer paid you cash or cheque)

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appreciate your time on this. I had sort of done all that but it got me thinking and I saw the "Auto Recalculate on Save" checkbox next to the product recurring amounts and thought maybe that will get things back in sync. Did it for the first product with success and then the second as well.

They are now gone and all seems well again.


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I saw the "Auto Recalculate on Save" checkbox

You use this is the prices are volatile and change regularly, or you are changing a customers products / services


As an example I had to change a client from 2 year to 1 year

The price initially was £2

On changing it remains as £2

So if you use this option, when you change their product it also changes the price

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