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  1. Thanks for the update and confirmation Brian. Hopefully it gets looked at.
  2. Hi. I think there is a bug in the popup date picker when doing a custom search for dates in the transactions area. For the life of me I cant do a custom date range. It defaults to one of the other date range eg 3 mths. Can others confirm this issue?
  3. and still coming at 6pm Maybe I should open a support ticket with WHMCS?
  4. this shows in whmcs as an example though... Confused again /opt/cpanel/ea-php73/root/usr/bin/php -q /home/account name/public_html/folder name/crons/cron.php
  5. ok added this /usr/bin/php -d "date.timezone=Australia/Melbourne"-q /home/account name/public_html/folder name/crons/cron.php
  6. and does that mean since i have php set to inherit I will have to adjust this cron to reflect the php version after each php auto update. Wow what a complete pain if so..
  7. thanks again. datacentre not replying so will give it a go Current path with tail end dropped off for security... /usr/bin/php -q /home/accountname/public_html/path to cron Are you able to modify this section of the address and I will add the end bit and try.. Greatly appreciated!
  8. ....even though it was set to Australia/Melbourne on my server
  9. Oh thanks all for the in depth help. I have now added a php.ini file with date.timezone=Australia/Melbourne Will see if that fixes the issue as the datacentre said "The current> timezone in php.info is:> date.timezone => AEST => AEST" so see what this does. I will update tomorrow. Hopefully it will fire at 8am as I want. I hate IT lol
  10. thanks but already done that and time is set right in whm I will ask tech on my server to have a look a second time... 😞
  11. server time is right cron settings in whmcs is set to 8am daily settings for cpanel are */5 * * * * BUT I still don't get reports at 8am. They come at night around 10pm Any tips appreciated
  12. Failing to connect to database error when whmcs files moved from cpanel to interworx. Is there anything I need to do to make this work. All files and database moved over but database error
  13. thanks for the reply. Latest version of whmcs using Blend. Support found the issue and disabled the widget and the issue is gone. Not sure what version but I copied what I thought was the latest code from this post and still had the issue.
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