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portal and comparison cart registration fields way off target


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Hi if you use the portal and you use the comparison cart you will notice on the view cart page down at the bottom the registration area (not logged in) which is all messed up, fields are way too long and overlap other fields on the page.




Just go to templates - orderforms - comparison and open the file viewcart.tpl


scrll down just a bit, about half way and you will see this


<table width="100%" cellpadding="2">

<tr><td width="100">{$LANG.clientareafirstname}</td><td>{if $loggedin}{$clientsdetails.firstname}{else}<input type="text" name="firstname" style="width:80%;" value="{$clientsdetails.firstname}" />{/if}</td></tr>



The problem is the style="width:80%;"


Remove the style="width:80%;" and replace it with size="30"


do this starting with firstname and continue all the way down the inputs and the last one will be state which size="25" is enough.


Now save and refresh your page, this should have put everything in line again.




ps. thats a first i have seen that, i dont know what they were thinking. 80% omg

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After a conversation with matt from support i need a favor, is anyone else having the problem with overlapping of page content on the portal and comparrison cart, on the order summary page, not logged in, and the order form on the bottom, is it overlapping for anyone else.


I have not made any changes that would effect this, not in CSS and not in template, but yet matt is not having the issue and i am. I wonder why. Can you take a look and tell me if yours looks fine also or not.




ps matt is telling me that the 80% is in the first td (not very wide) and that does not make sense, to me (and i proved it with my fix) that the width80% is making the field itself 80% not the whole box. Am i nuts here or what lmao

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