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WHMCS to Plesk 10 Provisioning Problem


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Hey everyone,


I've searched to see if someone else has this problem but haven't found anyone.


We use Plesk 10.4.4 control panel and we have everything working between WHMCS 5.0 and Plesk 10.4.4. We can create a customer, create an order and that order can create the customer account and subscription in Plesk 10.4.4 without a problem.


The issue we have is that once the hosting is created on the Plesk server and you access the website (DNS is all setup correctly and pointing to the correct Plesk server) http://www.domain.com it displays the default plesk index file.


The problem is, is that when you FTP content into the folder, it STILL displays the default PLESK index file.


We did extensive research and the only way to make it work is that we have to modify the vhost configuration files for this specific domain that was provisioned using WHMCS. For some reason, somehow, the document root for the domain that's deployed is wrong. It uses a /var/www/vhosts/xxxxxx document root instead of the document root /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs.


Now if we just create a subscription directly on Plesk without going through WHMCS, the hosting works fine and the document root works fine.


Has anyone had a weird problem like this before? We can't determine if it's PLESK or if it's WHMCS. We have tried it on multiple PLESK servers though, and they all have the same problem if the domain is created through WHMCS plesk module.


We've never been able to take full advantage of WHMCS auto deployment because of this and the WHMCS support has just told us that it's PLESK's fault.


Any pointers or leads would be appreciated. We can provide more details if someone has an idea where we should be looking.


Thanks in advance!

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That is very odd! Well, apache has some caching features, maybe its still showing the old page?

Also make sure there is no index.htm AND index.html and/or index.php in httpdocs

plesk has a picking order, and maybe the one put there by plesk has priority..

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