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  1. I like the fact that both cron and sync are happening.. But is it possible NOT to be emailed for these events? I have enough emails as it is.. =t
  2. tkalfaoglu

    Shady customer.. what to do

    I don't know the customer.. since then 2 other of his "add balance" things bounced from the bank.. I disabled the Add Balance feature.. I wish we could also disable CC payments for "special" customers like this! -t
  3. tkalfaoglu

    Shady customer.. what to do

    A customer recently used the 'add funds' feature a dozen times and added credit to himself.. Usually small amounts, but there is one for a hundred bucks. Now we got a phone call from our bank saying that there was an unauthorized VISA transaction, that hundred bucks, saying that person was not authorized to use that card. The bank wanted explanation about that transaction. I gave them all the info I had on this user. What should be my response towards that customer? Customer has a valid email address, verified.. The rest, who knows. Many thanks, -t
  4. tkalfaoglu

    Mass change a customer's domain preferences?

    Thank you so much -- it worked like a charm 🙂
  5. Hi there.. A customer just asked me to enable her 50+ domains to 'DNS management'.. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this, perhaps via an SQL command? Many thanks, -t
  6. tkalfaoglu

    Bulk Domain Price Updating: Ignored if blank

    Sure.. simple update the price of a domain -- that is, select the checkmark in front of a TLD from Domain Pricing, then on the right fill out the prices for registration, transfer and renewal and select the "Set 2-10 years based on 1 year price" blurb. Ensure that you put a space either before or after entering the prices 🙂 Click Save Changes.. Then the prices are not updated.
  7. tkalfaoglu

    Translate MarketConnect blurb?

    Wonderful -- thank you very much 🙂
  8. My customers are most puzzled by the text of the MarketConnect products. All in English.. Is there a way to translate all that? Thanks, -t
  9. Major issue: in the "bulk management", if you enter a space before or after the value in the registration/transfer/renewal boxes, like ' 22.11' or '5.99 ' , without quotes of course, it appears to do the job, but prices are not updated. It should display an error, or just strip the values before processing them.. -turgut
  10. tkalfaoglu

    Custom index.php does not route correctly

    Thank you. This was working fine until the last versions of WHMCS. I will look into the hooks..
  11. Hi. I wrote a custom index.php that decides upon the person's country and shows the correct language depending on the settings.. I renamed the original index.php as index1.php.. then wrote my own index.php.. however, the following code that used to work on the old whmcs now fails to work.. header('Location: http://www.kalfaoglu.net/index1.php?currency=4&language=english'); It now gives a "404" instead.. any ideas how to fix this for the newer whmcs? Many thanks, -tk
  12. I would like to move my WHMCS to a new server, while changing the default currency and the default language. All current users can stay at their current currency, but new users would default to some other currency that does not fluctuate as much as my own. I would like the current users' invoices to remain in their original currency. How can I go about achieving that? Thanks! -t
  13. tkalfaoglu

    domain suggestions never finish

    I recently updated WHMCS to the latest version. I have CAPTCHA enabled on domain purchases. When I enter something random like aadasdads.com and click search, the animated circle never stops, it just keeps going round and round for minutes. How can I fix this so people can actually buy a domain from me? Thanks, -t
  14. thanks. I am using the plesk module.. no there are no errors anywhere..
  15. I changed my 2GB hosting package to have 40G of traffic/month instead of 30. However, the customer that's using that package is not affected by that limit change. I tried various things like changing their hosting plan, tried upgrade/downgrade, nothing worked, it still says 30GB/month. So how can I change that customer's hosting limit? Thanks!

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