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Seeking developer to help finish custom module development

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I had a custom server module created by a developer at odesk.com. However, he left before the project was completed because he had a bigger project to work on :(


The developer left great documentation and the plugin works 80%, but there are still bugs that I need fixed. If you choose to take this project, I want you to assist finishing this V1.0, and then assist with creating the V2.0 of the module and service.


I estimate finishing V1.0 will take 20-25 hours. I already have Redmine installed, so you can look back at all the documentation. I also have a Dev server created. Now I need YOU to assist me to finish this project :D


Please let me know if you seriously want to work on this project. My budget is US$725 to finish this V1.0, and I will pay you with a 10% upfront, and then 2 milestones of each 45%. Hopefully you can use odesk, so that it provides good transparency, but if you are a great developer who has done many projects in the past, we can also do bank transfer or PayPal for payment.


Thank you for your help!

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What is the server module built for? 20-25 hours is quite a lot of time for something that is 80% done. I've completed fairly complex server modules in less than that. Unless those 20-25 hours are "odesk hours". My experience with odesk is developers tend to bid low hourly rates and then pump up the number of hours for a project in hopes of getting the project.


I'd be happy to take a look at it for you anyways. Feel free to shoot me a message or an email on my website. (link in signature).

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I appreciate your response. You are correct that fixing some of the bugs and extending some of the unfinished tasks should take 4-5 hours. However I also have some other items related to it that may extend it for longer. I'm a developer too (though WHMCS is new to me) and I know exactly what I need to have done, so someone with good communication and with lots of experience (I see from your site you have what we need) should be able to go through the tasks easily. I also hope your plate is not so full that you can not also assist us with V2.0 of the roll-out we need.


I will contact you on your website with more details.

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