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WHMCS Errors Plus

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The WHMCS Errors Plus module is designed to keep your sites content infront of your visitors, not let them reach 404 not found errors here and there.


The module displays a nice error page (with detailed reasons for the error) that looks like it was an original page on your site. (by using the WHMCS template system and displaying the errors between your header and footer .tpl files) the errors covered are all accepted error code from 100 through to 505.


It then takes data from the request and adds it to your log (shown below). This data allows you to see where people are running into problems. And more importantly see where they came from with that error (broken links on out of date sites?).


You can then use this data to add prevention methods. Say you notice a url that returns a 404 error being used alot. Just add a Redirect from the settings page (can be added manually, or click on the plus icon next to the error). Save the redirect then the next time someone visits that url they will get redirected to the new url (which you set).


The addon is so easy to use. You simply Upload it and choose some options (detailed instructions can be found in the knowledgebase of this addon site).


The addon does require some settings be added to the sites .htaccess file. But it has that covered. In most cases the addon can add/remove/check the .htaccess file all from your sites admin panel. If not (very rare) there are further detailed instructions which can be followed to get the addon working to its best.


Check THIS url to see the error pages in use.


Visit the addons page here


Plans are to:


  • add customised error messages from the admin area
  • add notifications to the errors
  • search the error url for the term knowledgebase and redirect to the knowledgebase search (will do this for other urls from the site too).


Here are some screen shots:






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