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Adding (importing?) clients acquired from another host...


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I am looking for guidance on the best (correct) way to integrate some hosting clients I am acquiring from another host. Here is a brief outline of the situation.


- Both the seller of the hosting accounts and I are on WHMCS (assume same version for now)

- Seller's hosting accounts are on 2 different servers, 1 using HELM3, the other HELM4

- The clients are not being moved from the servers they are on, I am taking over the servers so they can stay where they are.


What I am hoping for is a way for the seller to provide me with some sort of export from his WHMCS that contains everything needed for me to add (import?) the client into my own WHMCS so that when renewals are due my WHMCS will send the invoices and when payments are made they are channeled through our payment gateway just like my own clients are now.


How is this done properly? Is all the server info, modules, renewal dates, packages and pricing etc all carried over to my WHMCS?


What about invoices that were issued and are outstanding prior to the move? What about the invoice numbers, etc?


Has anyone out there gone through this?


Thanks kindly in advance.



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Why do you care about financial information that doesn't belong to you?


I always make my transfer clients signup like any other client, and have them select the "Transfer" option when they configure theirdomain.


I dont think you understand, he is buying another hosting company, and wants to import their clients into his own WHMCS installation.


To the OP, There is a WHMCS import script, unfortunately I'm not sure how well it works. You might want to open up a ticket and ask support about it.

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