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WHMCS + ResellerClub domain transfer issue


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i got WHMCS 5.0.3 installed and configured, all prices are in correctly.

i inputed the correct ResellerClub info in the API in WHMCS.


my customer "A" signed up yesterday to get my hosting service including transferring his domain name from netfirms to us (ResellerClub account). and paid using paypal credit card, payment was received successfully, WHMCS assigned the invoice as PAID. customer's info got created in my ResellerClub account, but no domains have been transferred, no domains have been assigned in my ResellerClub under the customer's name. and in WHMCS client account, when they click on "My Domains" it says it's Pending.


during the registration process in WHMCS, the customer was asked for the AUTHCODE which he put correctly, to initialize the transfer.


1) i know the resellerclub api in WHMCS is setup correctly, otherwise the client info wouldnt be automatically created in my resellerclub account.

2) i know the domain prices are done correctly, otherwise customer wouldnt have paid for the domain registration.

3) i know it's not a payment issue, because customer already paid and i received the payment.


i chatted with resellerclub tech support, and they checked into it, and said that there is nothing on their system that shows the domain transfer was initiated, so there is nothing they can do to troubleshoot it, and they suggested to ask WHMCS tech support. of course we all know how long it takes for a support ticket at WHMCS to be responded to, thats why i prefer to ask here.


any help would be greatly appreicated.

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I should mention that it was a .CA domain name, i'm doing more reading on the forum, i see others have problem some what similar to mine, but no real solution that i found yet.


in the admin panel of WHMCS, i checked the system activity log, and i found a line that says:

Domain Registration Failed - Domain ID: 1 - Domain: localrent.ca - Error: {state=Invalid state for country code CA}

customer chose the correct state (province)


when i list pending orders, i see the customer's order#, date client name, payment method, total, and payment status, all look normal, but the status says Pending. i mean i can probably accept the order manually, but i would like to get this automated as much as possible, that was the whole reason why i got WHMCS.


and if .CA domains are going to give me alot of problems with WHMCS, i mind as well start looking for a different billing system, as almost 50% of my clients have/get .CA domains before getting .COM domains since they are never available in .COM


plz help anyone

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transfering of any domain can usually take up to 5 days to complete


i do agree with you on that, but the request wasnt even sent out to start the transfer. that's why even if i waited a couple months, it will not transfer it. specially that i found an error line in the error log, telling me that it failed because wrong state, eventhough the state is 100% correct.

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