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Resellerclub Advanced Management CERT Interface for WHMCS

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We are proud to announce the new version of our product R.A.M.C.I - Resellerclub Advanced Management Cert Interface v2!


  • Easy Install and Setup in minutes
  • Configurable provisioning module for product setup
  • Support for additional thawte certificates licenses through WHMCS "configurable options"
  • Product setup: Standard routines from WHMCS
  • Included standard Email Welcome template when cert is ready for enroll.
  • Admin Area: Unhandled API errors are send vía Email to you with details about what went wrong
  • Admin Area: Create and Re-Create Certificate order
  • Admin Area: Suspend, Unsuspend and Terminate a Certificate.
  • Admin Area: Cancel Certificate order at resellerclub if certificate was not issued, rejected, etc.
  • Management Certificate Dashboard seamless integrated in "Client Area Product details".
  • Certificate Enrollment: Customer can easy enroll a certificate request
  • Certificate Re-issue: Thawte allow unlimited re-issue and customer can do it without the need to contact you
  • Certificate Check status: Show the status information
  • CSR validity checker: Customer can check the CSR before enroll
  • Obtain Certificate: Customer can pickup the cert and the correct CA bundle for his certificate!
  • Certificate Install checker: Once installed, check if the certificate was correctly installed!
  • Pickup Thawte Seal: Get your Thawte seal code configured on the fly!
  • Seamless integration into your Client Area -> My Products
  • Template and Style based on WHMCS "portal" design
  • WHMCS default template design available
  • Language files available for English and Spanish. You can add your own languages by simply translating the main English file
  • All error messages correctly interpreted and editable through the language file.
  • User friendly management interface
  • New! Dynamically generated Management Dashboard with WHMCS design selector for classic, portal and default v5 style
  • New! WHMCS v5 default design available


Screenshots, Free Trial and more informations available at our website http://www.resellerclub-mods.com/products/management-mods/ramci.html


Best Regards,


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Hi All,


We have launched yesterday 27th April the new v3.1 version with Multi LogicBoxes Registrars Support.


No more barriers or limitations! Use all mods & modules for ResellerClub, Resell.biz (stargate) and Net Earth One simultaneously with the same Interface, the same Module, at the same time!






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Hi All,


We are pleased to announce the new version v3.2 of our product R.A.M.C.I - Resellerclub Advanced Management Cert Interface and Provisioning Module


The only Management Interface that allows Enrollment, Re-issue and Renewal for Certificates from the client area. The updated module now also includes a fully featured and extended product admin details page. It is no longer necessary to login on behalf of your customer to Enroll, Re-issue or Renew a Certificate!




Further improvements have been made to add new module option to enable auto renewal for Customers. For more information about the changes, please visit the RAMCI Change log.


Getting this update is extremely easy! No changes have been made on the template files thus you need to upload only the php files. The how-to upgrade documentation is available here.


We hope you like the new version.




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Hi All,


We have launched yesterday the new version for our Management and Provisioning Module RAMCI - ResellerClub Advanced Management CERT Interface.



Ready for API Key - The new version v3.4.1 uses now only your unique API Key in place of your Reseller Password.


Global Tech Contact - You can now apply a single tech contact for all enrollments and renewals. Incase you enable this option then it is best pratice to use your Personal Details and Corporate Email Address. You will be the legitimate Tech contact on behalf of your customers and can get in contact with Thawte to handle Certificate enroll and renew issues.


More infos for installation and update can be found here: http://www.resellerclub-mods.com/en/support-a-help/documentation/17-ramcert-interface-v3.html





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