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Xero API Setup and Configuration Assistance!

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I'm glad I saw your message! Apparently, I needed to re-establish the add-on with WHMCSv5.


So maybe I can help you...


1. Log in to https://www.edgehosting.co.uk/clients/clientarea.php?action=productdetails

From there you can download the file you need and retrieve your LISCENCEKEY etc.

2. Install and activate the add-on in WHMCS

3. Set up the WHMCS add-on in Xero (I'd print this page as PDF and save it for later)

4. Fill in the required add-on fields in WHMCS from the info found in the edgehosting and xero sites.





Good luck!


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Hi Christopher.... actually im using v4 however... i need help with the actual config pages.. i have already set it up and its working...


Here are some screenshots that i need some assistance configuring....




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menkom - I stumbled through this myself when trying to set it up. Nothing is really explained, and I actually went through multiple Xero accounts before getting settled(I'm an accounting idiot).


For image xero1,starting at the top:

I've not seen contacts get duplicated, but I've only started fresh in Xero, without existing info.

The first Payments sync option is to sync payments noted in WHMCS to Xero.

The second Payments sync option is to sync payments noted in Xero to WHMCS.

I would imagine you only need one of those, for instance, I mark invoices payments in WHMCS, not Xero, and only allow sync from WHMCS to Xero for payments.

Next Invoice and Transaction normally don't need to be touched - the module will take care of it. but should you need to resync starting from a specific transaction or invoice, you can change these. Although, in my experience, it doesn't always go well doing one without the other, YMMV.



I'm not sure what Tracking Group is, and I left it blank.

Default sales code is what the Invoice sale gets assigned in Xero(see Xero->Settings->Chart of Accounts) when another sales code doesn't apply(from Add ons->Xero)

The Customer Overpayments code is a "special" account(Chart of Accounts) to track overpayments and customer credits.


Hope this helps. Information above may be slightly incorrect as I'm not an expert on it, only a user...

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