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  1. Hi there, I sent a support request but just incase you didnt get it, here is what I sent. -------- Hi There, I found you on the whmcs community forums, I am interested in purchasing your module, as we run a small IT business in Sydney. I was going to develop a module but it is possible your module may do what we want. I wanted to know the following. - I assume the assett is associated with the client profile in whmcs ? and can be viewed as a new tab on the client profile screen ? - I basically would like to have the ability to associate HP PC's, Laptops, 3rd party hardware to the client as an assett, I should be able to put in the usual serial numbers, product ID numbers, warranty information such as purchase date, and warranty expiry? - I would love to also have the module be able to run a cron job for warranty checking daily eg, it will check all assets for warranty expiry and give a notification via email, or some other method to notify us that one of the assets is about to run out of warranty or has officially run out of warranty, this will allow us to tell the client to upgrade and extend warranty and for other purposes ? - Custom fields would be a must, eg, to tailor the module to our needs we may want to remove fields and add custom fields with the information we want ? Basically that would be the main part of it, it will allow us to not have to reply on google docs where we keep network documentation information as much. Let me know if your module is still in production, and if support is still available because we are very interested in getting this up and running. Regards, Mitch Menghi -----
  2. By disabling pipe you mean just remove the cronjob in cpanel, or is there another place also to disable piping inside whmcs ? I also assume the auto responder would be at a cpanel level with a rule that says anything coming in to a particular email address reply with this message. Or I could do it at the Gsuite level with a rule that says anything coming in to this email reply back with this Canned Response right ?
  3. Hi Brian you are right there is that option for NEW TICKETS, although if a client did happen to send a ticket direct like they are currently doing what happens ? is there a template for me to edit that basically says you need to open the ticket directly from the client portal ? I would also want replies to follow the same protocol, not just new tickets. The main reason for all this is because I am sick and tired of clients forwarding emails to the ticket queue that other people or systems have emailed them and they get completely stripped out from the ticket queue. Also certain formatting is stripped from whmcs when someone sends a reply directly from something like OUTLOOK eg... they reply in RED TEXT, this does not exist in WHMCS... I understand why they strip this formatting but it makes it difficult for someone like me and my team to do our jobs. Do you think the best option for me is to just use that Hook so that anything that comes from direct email will bounce with responder unless they OPEN or REPLY from the client portal ?
  4. Hi there, I have spoken to WHMCS and they have given me some information on what I should do in my situation, but I thought before I go ahead and implement them I would reach out and see what others recommend. I have 2 questions. 1. I am using Gsuite a primary Gsuite account with 2 secondary domains attached to it, to create additional users. I already use Gsuite as one of my support ticket email addresses for one of the support departments. I asked WHMCS if I could use the same support email for 2 departments they said it can be used by not recommended because it will pipe all emails to the departments that is top most in my department queue. I would them obviously need to sort this out myself. Having said this, I am using cPanel for my installation of whmcs and even thou the mx records are pointing to Gsuite isn't it also possible to use an email address that exists on the actual cPanel account for the sole purpose of piping ticket emails into whmcs ? If this is not possible then I would definitely need to create 2 physical Gsuite accounts for the support ticket departments which I am trying to avoid to minimize costs ? 2. I asked WHMCS if its possible to disable the ability to send emails and open tickets direct from email. They said this functionality does not exist in WHMCS but I could use the Ticket hook to not allow tickets from being open by email and in the Gsuite account create an autoresponder that basically says you do not allow tickets to be open via direct email and direct them to the customer portal. Which seems ok to do. But is there a better way of doing this ? Thats pretty much it. Thanks for the assistance in advance. Mitch
  5. Finally managed to connect to QBO, now there is a whole host of other issues, random disconnects, cant pull payments, when payments are matched in QBO, they do not sync with WHMCS... oh my god... IM DYING HERE...
  6. Hi guys, In a desperate state I am in at the moment, I need to reach out to the community to see if anyone else is having an issue like me. Since I upgraded to the latest version I can now no longer connect to QBO, it says its connected successfully and also in the new QBO developer corner it shows my connection as active, but the module itself says YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED, see a few screenshots of my issues. I have been back and forth for almost a MONTH with the dev's and I feel I am getting no where. I am in a desperate situation since, I have not been able to sync or invoice out for almost a MONTH. This is now CRITICAL for me. I need something to happen and change, Is anyone else having this issue or has tips and advice for me please to get this working. Also how does the myworks module stack up against the ModulesGarden module which does the same thing ? HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP
  7. Hi Brian, I know you have been around for a while..... good to see you here ;) Sorry if I sounded brash, but I am one to give an honest review when needed and this was needed........ and I needed to vent hahaha. Ill post that review.... it was just more a head's up for anyone else thinking this Import Script was going to be the answer to everyone's dreams.
  8. Oh allow me to now add something else.... None of the cancellation requests from my old installation came across, so now I need to resubmit cancellation requests in the new installation. AWESOME, WAY TO GO WHMCS 😉
  9. Here is my rant for the day, well make it for the year. I am just starting to come out of a depression due to a WHMCS import assist experience I am having and still fixing. What started out to be .... "Lets amalgamate 2 WHMCS installations into 1" ended up being the biggest HEAD F$%K in history. @WHMCS you really need to look at your Import Assist script and get it right. There are so many issues with it, I cant even begin to discuss and rant on about what it should do and should not do. Eg..... You import products but then by accident I find out there are no product prices on my products on the new installation. WOW! Here is a list of a few things I want to kill my self over. How can you create an import script, but not import everything that is on one installation, eg. You dont import Pre Defined replies, You dont import knowledge base, You dont import email templates....... and the list keeps going on and on. Not to mention when it comes to 3rd party plugins WHMCS does not have a bar of it, make sure you check with your plugin authors if they support some sort of an export / import. Trust me 90% of them wont. This is a note to all Authors / Developers / WHMCS.... get things right, if you create a Project Management Addon, and the user has 300 projects and wants to migrate to a new installation, what happens? Do you offer an easy export option to json file or some other format that will be easy to get up and running without headaches? If the answer is NO then you need to reevaluate your processes and procedures. I have used WHMCS for close to 10 years now, and whilst it has gained SOME SORT OF TRACTION, it is so far behind the 8-ball that I think it needs a complete rewrite from the ground up. There is not much difference between v4 to v7 when it comes to the core functionality. Where is the mobile app? Dead and burried they do not care, yet 3/4 of the community who bought it, are crying for a decent mobile management app, why is this not important? are you living in the stone ages? I am finding issues and cleaning up a lot of mess with the amalgamation of 2 installations into 1 and I will never go thru this again, its just too hard. Let this be a warning to anyone looking into doing this prepare yourself for some sort of chaos and carnage. Cheers.... Mitch
  10. I have also had this issue since upgrading to 7.71, does not happen in 7.5. I have also made the change from SSL port to normal 110 port and seeing if this makes a difference, Will report back if required.
  11. Guys I ended up making a business decision, I registered my company name and I will be amalgamating both WHMCS installations into 1 installation and using the new domain eg portal.newdomaincompany.com.au as the main WHMCS installation, then from the ticket screen options I will create 2 departments for either IT or WEB related enquiries they will then be handled by different teams. The invoice headers does not necessarily need to be that of the website domains, initially I thought this was important but I dont think it is, it is much less confusion for client, all they need to know is the parent company name, the websites will be purely for marketing and branding. So this is how I have proceeded, BTW I used the Migration Tool from WHMCS to merge both installations into a new installation and it worked great, does not import everything but most of it worked ok. Cheers
  12. Hi there, I am in need of a plugin or something for the following. 1. Google Drive integration to an extent, who stores files locally these days anyway??? 2. I need a addon that allows files or links available to clients in their customer portal section, eg. We also use WHMCS for managing IT managed clients and as such we have a few Google Drive Doc files that need to be available to the clients as easy links to be able to click on for different things eg Passwords, RDP access, Internet Details whatever it may be. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the help guys.... I think for now, what I am going to do is register a new top level domain like a corporation domain url that will be used for billing and the client portal in general. From there the WHMCS installation will bill out with the new corporation name and and i dont have to worry about custom logos, custom fields etc....I guess the main thing that I took away from here is that its better to amalgamate the 2 installs into one. Thanks for the tips guys.
  14. Huh,.... dont think WHMCS can even do that out of the box.....? Are you useing 3rd party help for that? I mean what about when it comes to invoicing and quoting and the logo ? WHMCS as of now cannot give options to show different logos at the time of invoicing. Also what would be the main domain? eg.... you need to have 1 main domain associated with WHMCS you cant have 5. Are you simply redirecting those domains to a primary domain? If so what would that primary domain be?
  15. Hi Kian, thanks for your input. I am a bit confused as to what you said maybe you missed some points. You said your client was in a similar situation and merged but then you mention 5 domains each with their own dedicated template.... etc.... Are you saying they still have 5 installations of WHMCS ? Or as you saying they use the 1, but then on the front face each brand has a website but still will redirect to the same one customer portal ? If you can elaborate that would be great.
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