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  1. Have you ever needed a clear feedback from your customers on some matter but you did not know how to get it? Maybe you have tried sending emails just to find out that not only they require too much work to handle but also they do not bring the result you require? If that is the case then fear not as we have something special for you that will make gathering data from your clients so easy that you will not believe it. WEB Figate is proud to present you our Customer Questionnaire For WHMCS. A great tool that will allow you to create professional polls in mere seconds that will provide you with all the answers you need. Not only is the module extremely useful but also easy to manage. Creating a poll takes only few seconds and you can customize it the way you want, and your customers will be able to answer it in a seconds. Each published poll will be displayed to the customer when he logs in to the system so they will not be able to miss it. As a reward you can add something like a promo code that will be displayed once the poll has been completed. All answers will be kept in the system and since the module comes with graphs you will be able to analyse them easily. If you want to know more then feel free to check our short description video here: Or learn more from our knowledgebase: https://www.webfrigate.co.uk/clients/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase But why stop there. Our modules come with 30 days money back guarantee so you can test it yourself without any risk! Go to this link and get Customer Questionnaire For WHMCS Today: https://www.webfrigate.co.uk/clients/cart.php?a=add&pid=5
  2. Hello, It is a bit late, but your requirements are very simple so if you are interested then I would be happy to help you with that. All you need to do is to contact me from Here
  3. After an update to WHMCS 7.6 we have noticed that we are receiving an awful lot of "POP3 Connection Error" emails. This issue did not appear before an upgrade. The email piping works properly and in changelog I have noticed that new hook was added "PopEmailCollectionCronCompleted" (Unfortunately it's function is not described at all) which leads me to a conclusion that now every time the cron runs and system is trying to pull the emails into the system and is making the connection and can not connect for one reason or another it sends email message stating that. At least that is how it seems to work as I do not see any other email related change in the changelog. So my question is, could anyone clarify that for my (maybe I am wrong and something else causes this, although as I have said the issue did not exist pre update), and if that is the case how can I get rid of this. Maybe not completely, but over a period of one day I can get a dozens of those since we have multiple email addresses attached in our system. It gets really annoying and I do not see a reason to filter messages just to hide that unnecessary SPAM if I can just remove it completely.
  4. Hello, Sure, we could help you with that. We can design it for you from the ground or adjust it according to your suggestions. If you are interested then feel free to contact us Here.
  5. Hello, This should be fairly easy so if you are still looking for someone who can do this for you then feel free to contact us Here. As for the mechanics, we will not need much here since the product client will be upgrading to will already have "Require domain" option selected, so I do not suppose you will need any other configuration there.
  6. A simple task so probably you have already found someone for this, but in case you are still looking you can contact me from Here
  7. Hello, I would not expect anyone to give you direct quote in here as it is in general bad practice. You would need to contact selected developer or company through the link/form they have provided. Just so you know. Personally I suggest to contact them all and choose the offer that you find best 🙂 Now as for the request in general it looks simple, but I myself have some questions to that as well. So just in case you are still looking for someone who could do this for you you can contact me from Here It is always one more option to choose from 😉
  8. Hello, Well we could probably help you as we specialize in frontend and web design as well, but I wish you were more specific in your post. Do you have your own text or do you want for us to write it, do you have a certain design in mind or should we suggest something? Also I am pretty sure that there was a module or two on the market that would allow you to create and modify additional pages like those. Sure it would not be as pretty as custom made ones, but it would save you some money in case you are on a budget. Still if you are looking for specialists who can make this for you be sure to leave more details Here
  9. If you are looking for an easy additional way to earn money through your website then we have a perfect solution for you! I am happy to present you our latest business improvement called simply Advertisement Module. This amazing tool will let you utilize empty spaces on your website or inside WHMCS quickly and easily. You can setup unlimited slots for ads, setup where they will be displayed and what sizes they will have, then assign them to products and let the money flow as your Clients and new potential business opportunities will come to you. The module allows you to charge your client based on views, clicks or time their banner is up on your site. Our module offers all the tools that you could ever need. You can offer certain package of resources (clicks, views, days) use configurable options to allow clients to select their own package or charge clients only for what was used. On top of that our module works great with WHMCS billing cycles, so if you want to sell an ad spot to you clients that will be displayed as long as the resources have not been used simply use one time payment to set up a product, BUT if you set it up as a recurring payment, then after each payment the limits assigned to that package will be reset. This is great way to make this product an ongoing service. Client on the other hand will have charts and informations about his ongoing campaigns so he will know how effective they are. On top of that if he runs out of resources he will be able to purchase additional ones or choose to be charged from his credits dynamically. The system of course allows you to setup a discount for a package to encourage client for higher purchase. But of course what use do you have of the system if you can not implement it easily. And with this many options you are probably thinking it will require some skills to make it work. Well think again as all you need to do once you have setup the spot is add just one line in the proper file. And the integration code is waiting for you in the module so you do not even need to do that. Now of course if you want to place it in that one special place on your site then you will need to adjust the placement, but it is not more difficult than placing an image there. Our products always come at low prices and this one is no different. This amazing module costs only 4.99 GBP per month, and it comes even cheaper if you order semi annually or annually license. You can get it directly from Here And if you are still not convinced feel free to check our Promo Video or our Knowledgebase where you can find all the information about this module. To finish this off here are some of the main features that come with the module: Administrators Area Features: Supported formats: gif, jpg, png Easy to implement Banner slots with ready integration code (no need to figure this out yourself, just paste the code and that is all) Placeholders which can be used to promote given slots easily Automated email notifications Unlimited to number of banners Ability to setup multiple combinations for the Banners slots (different sizes splits, placeholders etc.) Ability to set the size and type of the banner Option to sell shared (split) banner slots Banner Verification for Administrators Option to set and sell priority banners Unlimited number of banners in one slot Administrator can always disable Banner Option to set different custom Prices for Packages and credit charging for each product separately Support of Configurable options (with automatic generation of said fields) Hundreds of possible configurations and correlations between products and banner slots. Set your own rules and rest easy as the system will handle the rest for you General Statistics Client Area Features: Ability to upload and verify multiple banners Ability to run multiple campaigns on one product, Client can set link and banner image for each of them and as long as he has resources they will be displayed in purchased slot Dynamic information about available limits and available daily credit limit Option to quickly add additional resources to your limits Email notification when the limits are exceeded Click and view limitation (So that one visitor will not use more than one resource per visit. This prevents cheating) Ability to set start date for each campaign. This will also change next due date for the product according to the billing cycle Implemented dynamic credit charging. If the client wants he can enable credit charging instead of purchasing a package and set daily limit of credits. This will ensure that every day he will have additional resources available as long as he has credits on his account. Statistics (daily and monthly) So wait no longer and get catch this amazing opportunity now!
  10. WEB Frigate is happy to present our amazing new system improvement that will change the way you use documents forever. Not only will this module allow you to design and create professional documents thanks to built in advanced text editor, but it will allow you to include support of official eSignatures service so your documents can be prepared, sent and signed quickly, effortlessly and without the need to leave your system and use multiple other tools. You no longer need to wait until client prints the document, sign it and then scan and send to you, now all that can be done almost in an instant. This module offers you a set of tools that will provide you with everything you have ever needed when making a new document, whether that would be a terms of service, project description or an agreement between two or more parties. There are of course many additional features in it, but the one that could prove most useful for you is additional automation for quotations. Now if you create a quotation document in this system and send it to client for signing it will automatically create the invoice for that client right after he signs that quotation so you do not need to do that manually any longer. You can watch our short promo video Here But the best thing about it is definitely its price. While similar tools can cost huge amount of money our system costs only 9.99 GBP per month! All you need then is an account with the eSignature provider you want to use (currently module supports Legalesign, but we are already working on additional integrations) and you can start using it immediately. WEB Frigate offers 30 days money back guarantee so do not hesitate and try it now, and you will not be sorry. Go to the product page now and change your business for the better!
  11. Hello, If you still have not found satisfying solution then we would be happy to help you. We offer fast turnaround, top quality and low prices. If that sounds good then just leave us a message Here.
  12. Please check now. Our protection system was a bit over restrictive as we have found out and simply blocked access to some of our customers. We have toned it a bit and now it should cause no further problems. If you need help you can also always place a support ticket on our site to get faster reply as I am checking the WHMCS community only once in a while.
  13. Hello Sean, If you still have not found a suitable solution then maybe we could help you. Although instead of basic WHMCS licensing I suggest using something a bit better. We have built our own licensing system based on that system which is much more efficient so if you are interested we could modify it to your needs and implement this system for you. Feel free to contact me here if you want to discuss this further. I can promise good price and fast turnaround for your project :)
  14. Yes they do have to register an account, which just for the record does not cost a dime. As for the rules, they say that it "Should be" not "has to be" so I always thought of that as recommendation not a law. I know it is playing with words, but all we are doing is just verifying where it goes. It is simply easier for us to manage our intellectual property this way, and harmless for the end user. And since the product was verified by marketplace team and they found no issue with that then it seems like I was right about that point. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the module would not be available on the marketplace if it would break any of the rules.
  15. There is already a module for this on marketplace and it is completely free: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4243
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