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ClientMaps Module v3.0 Released

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ClientMaps v3.0 Stable Release

Earlier version thread | Earlier version thread



A demo can be seen here: ClientMaps v3.0 :: Demo


Important (PLEASE READ): I am student and more than often, I encounter university exams, personal life issues, and so many other things here and there. Though, I have a will to be the most professional of all (as is shown by the features and UI of my module), I am unable to provide the best of the support to my clients. Recently, after the PayPal blocked Indian users from paying someone, everything turned haywire for me - exams came up and my sites got suspended due to non-payment.

I have released this version 3.0 for those clients of mine, who experienced issues on the Support end. All such clients will get the non-encoded Source files for the module (in case you have not, please register on the site again and open a ticket with proof of payment).

I provide no guarantee for support on the encoded versions of this module. By that, I only mean, I will try my best but I can not ensure you my availability. Bug fixes and updates will always follow.

A lite version is available for free for anyone wanting to try out this module, or who simply needs a single map to display.

If anyone is weary of the encoded versions, a source version is provided for the same purpose.


Download Information

The module is available for purchase from the Client Portal.

The Pricing has been reduced (compared to earlier) due to the above note.

Source Version: $34.95 - Non-encoded Source, Unlimited Maps, 6 months support

Pro Version: $9.95 - Encoded, Unlimited Maps

Leased Version: $2.45 Monthly - Encoded, Unlimited Maps

Lite Version: Free - Encoded, Single Map


Bug Reports

Please, submit bug reports either via the module admin area or directly to: http://bugs.wickeddevelopers.com/




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That should not be happening. The new version of module is being used successfully by previous buyers. Can you please open a ticket in the client area, please so that I can identify you and help you debug the issue..?

The demo can be seen here, which in itself is using the Source Version of the module.

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Just a question, we bought it a long time ago but did not install it... we have lots of clients on our country, how this will work in practice? we can have cities with more than a hundred (or hundreds) of clients, how will this show up?

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Hey factor, I am glad that you asked this. This is one of the very awesome feature of ClientMaps. What it does is that if there are a lot of markers around a region (not just a city) which are making the map look visually unpleasing, it automatically groups these markers together so as to ease out on the visitor's eyes and also, make the map look nice and sober.


You are free to specify a minimum number of markers on a map, before they are grouped together.


To see how this works in real, please checkout the updated demo for the module

(I decreased the number of markers required for grouping with my demo, down to 1 and hence, markers are grouped whenever possible in the demo).


Another nice thing to note is that, you can click on these numbered-markers (clusters) and you will be able to see which individual markers are comprising that cluster.


In the event when there are more than a single client from a city, the map would show two overlapping markers, unless they are being clustered (grouped) together. When being grouped, the numbered-markers will display the correct information.



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Hey Ishan,


Currently we have no support for Offline Payments. Give me a few days to configure that to work with my bank.


Regarding the v5 incompatibility, we have noticed that there is a bug with Widgets section of the WHMCS which basically disallows another variable with same name to be stored in the module's widgets. Due to this reason, the admin area viewing of the ClientMaps, along with any references to view the map via the ID parameter will not work with v5.


I have sent a support request to WHMCS, and I am waiting for their response in this regard. Rest assured, ClientMaps will undergo a full compatibility check for version 5 and a new version should be released before December 5, 2011 if any discrepancy is found.



Nikhil Gupta

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ClientMaps v3.1 : Compliance Release for WHMCS v5.0


ClientMaps has been updated to support latest WHMCS Release v5.0

Other minor changes include:

  • Slightly modified the module UI to support "Blend" Admin Template.
  • `id` parameter has been dropped from widget in favor of `mapid` parameter.
  • Provided option for easy debugging of the module when support incidents are created.


Existing users can simply login to their Client Area and download this release.

For any issues or bugs, you can always open a Support Ticket in the Client Portal, and I will reply ASAP.



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Hey everyone,


It has been quite some time, since I have been active on the forums here. A bit involved with my academic life (and thats the reason I say I can not always guarantee support on my modules).


Though, recently, some users have made me aware of a 500 error when installing the module. And, I agree with the fact that I should update the module from time to time.

So, I wanted to let everyone know that I am working on it and you should expect an updated release within the next week.


The new release will also take into account any of the issues raised in this thread and will have a fix or an easier solution for all the issues raised here.



Nikhil Gupta

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