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showing content only if they have specific product

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ok i debugged the "my products services" page and found a couple things that might work...


{if $services.product eq 'My Membership'}


{if $services.status eq 'Active'}






show this to non-active members (late or unpaid)




show this to public non-members




would this work? i am not really schooled in coding so please someone tell me how i can do this??

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come on geez nobody wants to help me here??


this is why WHMCS should be open source it would encourage community development


You can trim the logic of your example by using using a qualifier:


{if $services.product eq 'My Membership' && $services.status eq 'Active'}


member only content




non-member content




Anyway, I think that's correct. Someone can correct me if they


I also encourage you to be a bit nicer in your requests. You're looking for someone who has good experience in coding for WHMCS and a good understanding of the Smarty template. No one is required to provide support to you. Open source? Really......



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thanks for the help!


seriously think about the open source thing... (it doesn't mean you wont make money) it will only help speed development and besides, look how successful joomla/wordpress are!


I agree with you jasonthewebmaster...




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I fail to see how making WHMCS opensource would have fixed the problem you're having here. You could have easily added a {debug} statement in your template to see what smarty variables are available to you. Theres also something like this if you want to get real dirty.


global $smarty;
$vars = get_defined_vars();

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