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Admin Login Failure


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I am having problems logging in as admin



I go to the admin login screen, type login and password hit Login button and I am immediately taken to the "Client Area" and receive the following message "Login Details Incorrect. Please try again."


I figured I had a bad password issue, so I requested new password and received it. Attempted again with new password and same thing happens.


So, I tried to change password manually in myphpadmin using MD5. Attempt to login and get same issue.


Next I intentionally use an incorrect password. This gives me a different (but expected) failure and tells me my email and IP have been logged and leaves me on Admin Login page.


So I check the mysql whmcs database.

The tblactivitylog looks as expected, with the failed login and password request being logged.


Checked tblbannedemails & tblbannedips, no bans, which is what I expected since I have only been alerted to one login failure, the intentional bad login mentioned above.


But under tbleadmins it shows 0 login attempts.


THen I check tbladminlogs, it shows a login time for each attempt, it also shows a logout time for every attempt but the last one (shows 0000-00-00 00:00:00) and the logout times are the exact time as the next login time. SO it seems to be login me out of the previous session each time I try a login attempt. All as expected.


I triple checked login and passwords. Before coming here. All are correct.


It is as if the system is actually accepting the login but forwarding me to client area and telling me the login details are incorrect. I say this because the failure message only occurs when I have used a bad password, and the table appears as if I did login except for tbladmins which shows 0 attempts.


I am stumped. Any suggestions?

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Did you find a solution to your issue? I am having a smiliar issue except I stay on the admin login screen and my user name and password disappear from the boxes like the page was refreshed. I also immediately checked my database and noticed the users I'm trying to login with have 0 in the login attempts as you mentioned. It's bizarre because I was able to log less than 20 mins before. Also, after my issue started I assumed something got jacked up in my installation, so I did a fresh install of the latest version of WHMCS (I was badly out-of-date) and this new version is having the same login issue. So now I'm wondering if it is the database?

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Apparently the database from my previous out-of-date WHMCS installation wouldn't work with my new install... which was preventing me from logging in. My work around was to open my old database in PHPMyAdmin and export the following tables separately: accounts, clients, domain pricing, domains, gateway log, hosting, invoice items, invoices, orders, payment gateways, pricing, products, promotions, quote items, quotes, registrars, servers, ticket departments, ticket log, ticket mail log, ticket replies, tickets, ticket spam filters, and to do list (as these were relevent to my configuration). Then after a fresh install of v.5, I manually imported each table exported earlier into the new database one by one... took about 15-20 minutes between exporting and importing... which was a lot better than the hours it would have taken to manually re-enter everything. I did have to reset my General setting but it wasn't too bad. Now my install seems to be like before.

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