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FILE BACKUP for WHMCS - Seamless system backups

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Hello all,


This is my second commercial addon for WHMCS which i have created. This one for me is especially usefull.


It is a fully automated file backup of your WHMCS system files (and any other files residing in the system directory).


The WHMCS File Backup Addon Module makes creating file backups of your website completly automated.


Once installed (which simply involves uploading to the correct directory) there is no file writing, copying, or other complex tasks. Simply use the built in admin interface to create/delete backups of your WHMCS System files.


The addon module can be used manually to create file backups, by simply clicking the "backup now" button on the addons page.


Or it can be set to run the backup every day by hooking into the WHMCS cron system (no work needed on your part, it is done on the fly).


With the cron option you can create backups daily and have a status report emailed to you about the backup (the same as the built in database backup feature).


You can also set the addon to delete old backups, and keep only the specified backups on your system (for space saving).


Backup limits include: 10, 20, 50, 100, Unlimited.


The backups are stored in a folder "above" the WHMCS system folder and can be easily deleted/downloaded using the addon module page.


Included in the backups is your full WHMCS system folder, all system files, template files, addition custom files that reside in the same folder.





Please take a look at the addons page here to see some screenshots of the addons admin page:





The addons price is £12 anually which includes top notch support and addon upgrades when they are available.


and to purchase visit the page above and "add to cart".



As with my first addon i am offering a 30% discount to the first 20 people who purchase the addon, and from experience of the last addon i would get in quick to get the offer.


The promo code is:




If you have any questions just post below and i will watch this thread and answer them.

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not everybody has this system built in to there cpanel accounts.


This also only backs up your whmcs folder, the cpanel system backs up the entire cpanel account which includes emails, dbs, etc.


This is designed for people who dont have that feature and want an easy system built right into the whmcs admin panel.

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There isnt much difference, except it is much easier, and will remove old backups, saving space.


If you have enough experience to setup cron jobs and use a custom backup script this probably isnt for you (as you already have the knowledge to achieve this task).


This is for people who need simplicity and dont want/know how to work with backup scripts and cron jobs.





Lee Mason

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And there is a new url to find the module, you can order from this link:









is all it cost for 12months of plugin updates and support.


the update addresses the way the new addon module viewer decides if you have the plugin installed and updates the documentation links.

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You may even have this product. It used to be called WHMCS File Backup. after the update we are announcing today it has been renamed to just WHMCS Backup.


You may be wondering why the name change? Well this is because:




The MySQL database for your site is arguably more important than the files, and we have listened. Now the DB gets backed up and put with the files of your site before the zip files are created, so now you have a full file and db backup.


Whats more is we now have added 3 massive new features that im sure you will agree make this module ten times more improved than it was.


1. Advanced Cron job support.


Now you are not bound by the once a day nature of the WHMCS cron, you can create a cron job with the frequency you want to create the backups.


2. Remote FTP Server Backups.


We have added support for uploading the backup to a remote FTP server to store off site backups.


3. Amazon S3 Backups.


Yes you asked for it and we have delivered. Now you can link the backup module to your S3 account, choose a bucket (we've also made it easy for you to create a bucket), and send the backups to the S3 Bucket when generated.


If you dont have the module, we would really like you to see all the features and screenshots of it in operation here:



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Its been a long time coming, but we have one of the most anticipated module updates this year now ready for use!


We have updated the WHMCS Backup module and added some much sort after features and improvements: https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-file-backup.'>https://clients.no-half-pixels.com/whmcs-file-backup.


Some of the key new features and improvements include:


  • Improved Error reporting for core, ftp and dropbox
  • Optional backup location
  • Optional Gzip of database backup file
  • Remote file deletes when local files deleted (optional of course)
  • Google Drive Support!!!
  • Added security token to custom automation crons
  • Fixed false positives on windows based mysql backups




Its clear to see which is the biggest update here, and of course we have had so many requests for it. Now we have Google Drive as a core location option in the module, which im sure alot of people will put to good use.




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It backs up everything, including the database using the servers mysqldump program.


whats more we have just released an update which includes being able to set a sub folder on s3 and dropbox based backups.


AND we have a 50% promo right now using the promo code: NNYTZ8PJ36

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I have been trying to contact your support for over a week. Support is very very slow in responding often taking a week to reply.


I just want to find out why your add on is not working properly if your are no longer supporting the add on kindly provide a refund.


If you are still continuing to sell this add on, kindly solve your customers problems?

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