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Payment Module and Client's Details


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I have seen a thread like this many times here, but no one has answered. I am using the 4.5 version of WHMCS. I have installed a BitCoin payment module and it works but it won't grab the customers userid. It is using this code for that ID:




Of course nothing is returned for this line of code. What is the proper code I need to grab the userid for the said user in question?


This is again a payment module and everything else works fine with it, it just won't get the userid.


I have WHMCS through my server provider free of charge so I am not able to download the developer kit either.


Thanks in advance.

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Just do a print_r($params['clientdetails']) and you will see all variables inside the clientdetails array.


note: optionally, use $debug = print_r($params['clientdetails'],1); then you will get the array insite $debug var and can make other uses instead print it to the output.

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BitCoin should have a sandbox or test mode.


I do not know this gateway. I need to study it further.


On the top of my mind, I have a question:


Why would you need a user ID, if the invoice is paid by the invoice id itself?


If you need help developing / fixing a module for BitCoin, leave me a PM or contact-me through my site contact form.




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You can register yourself as a customer and create a new invoice for you (even manually in admin panel). You do not need to pay it to see the parameters included in the button or payment script. Just open the page source in your browser, while in the invoice screen.

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You see that was my original idea personally, why use client ID if the invoice ID is unique and should suffice. Since I didn't develop this module I don't know why the original maker did that. I am going to go ahead and just remove client ID from it and be done.


Thanks for the help.

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