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specific EMAIL for specific PRODUCT ?


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Hello All:


Quick question: we just upgraded to version 4.3.1.

Is it still not possible to have a specific EMAIL send to a customer that has ordered and paid for a specific PRODUCT? For example, we'd like to send a customer the login info to download templates if he ordered a template package. So far, I see we can create our own additional email messages, but those do not get sent out *automatically* .... even though we assign them in "Products/Services" for that specific plan.






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Thanks Frank ... but do we talk about the same thing? I just tested this again. ONLY the email messages that were already set up by the WHMCS programmers are being sent out ... of course, we can edit those messages. But NEWLY created product messages are not automatically being send -- even though I did select one of these for a certain product. After a customer paid for this product, he should get that message (containing login or download info), but he does not.


So, for you this works?



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Dear All:


Thanks for your replies.


WHMCS Support explained why this did not work for us, and how to solve the problem. I am posting this here, in case someone else has the same problem:


The (self-created, newly created) welcome email is sent automatically when the account is successfully provisioned on the server by a module, but this product isn't using a module (it is simply an access email to download website templates), so this condition isn't met, and the welcome email isn't sent.

SOLUTION: go to product setup in WHMCS, Modules tab, and assign the "Autorelease" module. This worked fine for us! When you select the "Autorelease" module you will see an explanation what it does, and there are several options ... e.g. send out welcome mail after having received first payment, etc.



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