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Make better registration page


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Hi everybody,


I was asking me if the client registration page of WHMCS could be made better structured. Specially when having a lot custom client field, it would be good to get it better looking in general.


I think the best would be first to get them structured in frontend - maybe with topics, what are displayed as headings in frontend. This would be very helpfull for better looking.



Another bis problem is, maybe this can be implemented in the next update, that:


Now it is not possible to have custom fields what depends to other custom fields. So for example if you have a dropdown for: business-clients (yes/no) -> selected: yes

...it would be very good if on next site the client has to fill out all other custom client fields (for example VAT-number, CEO, ...) what are depending to the option "business-client"option:YES. This would enhance flexibility enorm and would be very great for many data, what you collect from your clients.


Another case would be if having custom field (dropdown) with options for "payment made by direct debit", you could easy let the client fill out bank details on next page before registration is made.


For implementation on client registration site it would be possible to get the data on the next page, before account is finally setup. Or to get some fields displayed by ajax, when special fields are selected (like a dropdown-option).


Maybe someone has any other ide to solve it? Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks

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Also another good example would be to ask by a checkbox, if the user will be affiliate too - then you can collect also VAT or paypal-mailadress to pay them or ask him additional essential informations, where he want to promote, and so on. Making client custom fields connected to other client custom fields would be very good. Lets call it: "custom-client-field-z required IF custom-client-field-y selected" Thanks for suggestions how to solve it!

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